OG Ken

I don’t know where OG Ken lies on the tier list, but according to the old AGSF2 newsgroup archives, back in 96 he used to be pretty feared.

I’ve been playing him for a few days now, and I definitely think I will delve into his game because his combos (the ones I figured out by myself) are fat and easy, a late LP shoryu is big damage (and is ridiculously fast in recovery), I like his fireballs (they can be walked behind and there are some traps, but I haven’t seen them much), and his hp shoryu knocks Vega out of damn near any walldive. (albeit with no damage, oh well)

He has a versatile fireball pattern that can work at about full screen plus about 3 character lengths. Mix up the strengths and use lp hado to force a jump, then HP DP it if far, if close, do a lp dp for bigger damage. Other anti air options are standing strong, chp, neutral jhk, hk (w/ range and timing) and I think forward might work as well but in my experience, I’d just do a mp/lp shoryu instead at that range. In the corner, it’s something like bufferable normal (chk/cmk) x fast fireball, slow fireball. If they jump neutral they should eat the slow fireball. (this should cause cornered midscreen range) If they do anything else, tag them. It’s not as tight as with Ryu, but sometimes if you hit a slow fireball, a trip can combo for good damgage.

Air to Air jHP is great priority. jhp also leads to a good combo which is pretty easy, scores a knockdown, and stuns. (jhp x any tatsu chk) He can also do a jhk crossup hp x HP Shoryu for big ass damage and stun, if you hit the opponent normally with jhk, change the hp shoryu to a fireball or something. Ken also has cmkxhp fireball, but it won’t combo from max range.

Hopefully somebody better than me with a shoto/og ken can post up some good shit. I am a charge character player for 14 years… I finally decided to try out a shoto. =)

Can someone tell me the diff between O.Ken and N.Ken? I could never tell from watching videos and I don’t have any friends who play O.Ken

OG Ken has a faster fireball recovery, crossup HK, no axe kicks and a slow LP Fireball which helps him trap. Most importantly though, he has a fatter damage lp shoryu that is fully invincible and a bigger arc on the HP Shoryu.

So why do some people play N.Ken over O.Ken some times? I’m sure the axe kick isn’t the only reason why =P

N.Ken’s mash grab is good for traps.
Just like Boxer’s.

N.Ken is way more versatile. Kick throw is waaaaay too good. One successful grab from that can win you an entire Round because of the tricks it sets up for Ken. Also, Ken builds meter fast, and Short -> Short XX Super is actually a very useful Combo. Really the only advantage O.Ken has is damage and true invincible uppercut. But damage is negated by how broken the Kick Knee Bash Throw is and the Super Combo, and there have been very few times the non-fully invincible Uppercut has come and bit N.Ken in the ass.

waht about macht ups i’ve been tryng to play OG Ken
but i need help with some of his machtups

likr o sagat and claw

Against Claw:
Low short and low forward stops most of Vega’s moves from mid-range around a sweeps distance away. You can mix it up and stick these moves out and advance on Vega to push him into the corner where you can fireball trap him and force him into unfavorable mix-up games.
When you knock him down midscreen, I like to go for a cross up air hk (which is safe) or a safe jump jab which I sometimes cancel into a air hk. If Vega does a wake up flip kick, you’re 100% safe in both instances. The safe jump jab sets up throws and the throw/sweep/dp mix up game.
When you knock him down in the corner, I like to go for meaty jab fb then walk after it and start the throw/sweep/dp mix up game, which greatly works in your favor.
If he goes off of the wall, 99% you can simply do a fierce dp and safely knock him down which starts your mix up games again.
If you can get Vega engrossed in the ground game, often you can (surprise) jump
at him with an air hk and keep him guessing.

Against Sagat:
Honestly, I hate this match. I think Ryu plays it much better because of his short hk that goes over fireballs (Ryu’s hk recovers much faster then Ken’s short hk). Sagat has a huge adavantage in this match beacuse of his much faster fireball and long reaching normals. Basically, I match fireballs, look for and opening and try to knock him down. I push him to the corner as best I can to start the mix up game and the cross up air hk works nice on him too. If you hit him with a cross up air hk, follow up with a low roundhouse xx short hk and repeat the tactic. You can also mix this up with a dp or a throw. See a pattern here?


thanks yeah playing againts sagat is a pain in the ass,
i’ve found it easier to play againts sagat as guile
but i’ll give it another shot as o ken

You’re probably better off dragon punching through the fireballs to gain ground than trying to match him at his own game. Just make sure to watch out for the slow ones

I was thinking about making O.Ken my main character
but im wondering about some macthups, like againts Ryu, it seems like its a bad idea to fireball figth with him because he can just build meter and then threathen you with his super. As for comboes does he have some comboes besides his TOD?