OG Kof2002 - Character writeups(Strats, matchups, combos, everything)


I’m going to be posting various character writeups for OG 2k2 here. I feel that regarding kof2k2, there’s very little discussion about matchups and some say that most characters can be played the same regardless of who they are fighting against but I disagree.

Post here any questions regarding any characters and I will try to answer to the best of my knowledge. I’m particularly interested in questions about how to counter/punish X move with Y character, especially moves/strings that seem to have no reliable counter (Choi’s HSDM). I don’t know ALL counters to everything but I’m willing to test out stuff that it hasn’t occurred to me to test.

First character I will be writing about (almost finished) is Kim. He is just so rediculously good, I feel he belongs in the top with Athena, Billy, Choi.


Yamazaki vs


Yeah, I prefer OG 2002 to UM. Nice thread; I’m importing OG 2002 for DC so I’ll be making inquiries soon enough.


Well the thing about this matchup is that Yama has good tools to keep Kim out (and Kim can’t do much from far). He’s got far A to keep Kim from jumping as well as crouch C (not necessarily on reaction) cancelled into qcb+B(hold and hit D) to reduce recovery and snake strikes (qcb+B, qcb+A for anti-air). Keep in mind that Kim can crouch under Yama’s qcb+B, and then run and punish you with close C from some distance. Hop Ds (especially multiples of them) can give Kim trouble due to the priority (flash kicks tend to lsoe or trade to it) and the fact that one he’s blocked one, he will lose his charge to counter another one with a flash kick (and the angle of that jump D means it will hit a bit earlier). Thing is, if you try to attack after those somewhat early jump Ds, you will probably eat Kim’s 2 frame close C(even if he got hit by that jump D).

The bad thing for Yama in this matchup is that Kim has very damaging combos that work only on Yama, including a somewhat difficult infinite. THe other Yama specific combos aren’t that hard to do (I pull them out a lot on 2df).


Why can Yamazaki get hit after landing a hop D vs Kim? You just have to delay the follow up attack to be safe? This only happens vs Kim?

I got this from the wiki:

If Iori attempts the cross up on an opponents wake up he’s safe from retaliation? Not counting reversal AA specials.


The point was Kim’s close s.C very fast startup to the point where if you are standing next to him and are at neutral or slightly positive frames, it’s going to beat most attacks you can attempt to do. You have to be careful of the height you land the jumpin from. Obviously if it’s going to combo then Kim has no chance of interrupting.

I’m not sure what you’re asking about Iori? If someone blocks the crossup (on wake up or not) you still have advantage, so I guess you are safe from retaliation. Unless they reversal with something or you mistimed the meaty.


Alright. How bad of matchup is Kim for K’?


K’ can get crossed up pretty badly by Kim and K’s dps are too slow to counter it. Also K’s CD counter whiffs against Kim’s close C. However, once K’ makes Kim block one jumpin, he can get on the offensive pretty well (though there are other counters Kim can use against K’s jumps that don’t necessarily require flash kick, but it’s just harder to do).

In general, Kim has many ways of anti-airing people: B flash kick, D flash kick, qcfx2+D, jump B, crouch B(his crouch B hitbox is quite low). Against a K’ that applies a lot of pressure with jump C’s, Kim can only do a relatively early qcfx2+D or jump back B.

I’ve seen K’s crouch B used to go underneath Billy f+A’s, not sure if it is low enough to go under B flash kick but I’m pretty sure his sweep goes under.

Also you have to be very careful with using K’s qcb+Kx2 on Kim, because Kim’s close C is two frames…it is much easier to get punished by Kim for doing that than against other characters.

Also I’m sure you’re aware but K’s f+B overhead is garbage int his game, most characters can punish you badly even on hit, especially Kim.


You can’t even use f+B at max range to minimized retaliation?


Eh, I think if it hits at max range, it is still punishable but not with anything too threatening.


kim is fucking ridiculous in this game

he recovers so fast from everything like that stupid combo he does he takes a lot of life and if he fails he has instant recovery on it so you can’t punish him

like what the fuck what I’m supposed to do

I solely lost all my matches because of him just now and the guy was very avarage that’s what pisses me off the most. fuck my chris was destroyed…I’m down


Which combo exactly (I’m assuming those kick chains ending in the overhead)? Also what is your team?

Btw, those mexicans online don’t know how to use Kim properly. If you play them a lot, you will see a common trend of them doing a jump attack right into the f+B overhead if they got 2 stocks or more. The reason why they do it hardly ever works, is because they DONT mix it up with low attacks into combos. Their Kims are not a threat blocking low. That said, I would still block low for maybe a few frames after blocking the jumpin, then block high quickly in case of the overhead. Kim’s overhead is very fast, it’s quite hard to react to.


mm, I see yeah he never used low attacks but the thing with kim is he gains stocks really fast, he will often crash my guard into super and because of the stupid lag doing CD it wasn’t an option.

my team is Chris,Clark,Yuri


i played Emil tonite (in italy is evening eheh) and ,damn, he’s good!
my main team is clark,ralf and then rotate with choi or billy
i can’t beat kim (his and others)…really… maybe i suck with my two mains (ralf and clark) but really… dunno what to do against him
from 94 to 2000 i can beat kim with those 2 but here… impossible -_-
i’m fucked? i mean i will ever beat him? XD


Ok, if you are in the corner and you have stocks and he is doing that kick chains combo, you can guard roll backwards into the corner. It’s easiest to punish the chains if you guard roll after blocking the qcb+C, but guard roll late enough so that he thinks he should do the uf+K part. If he does the uf+K and you guard rolled right before that, he’s fucked and can be punished with any combo.

Thing is, smart kims will just do the qcb+C part of the chain, then wait to see what you do. If you do guard roll and he does nothing, you will not get comboed if you do nothing after you roll, but you will if you decide to attack after recovering from that roll. If you do nothing, he’s going to do another close C into more chains, most likely…if you know he’s trying to bait you to guard roll his chains, you can instead CD counter it, which shouldn’t be hard even in lag since those chains put you in a lot of blockstun.


So, could someone give me basic K’ advice? At least some combos, I really need to stop relying on Eins Trigger->whatever for big damage >_<



  1. Close C(2), f+B, qcb+B - 25%
  2. Crouch B, Crouch A, qcf+C, f+B - 20%
  3. Close C(1), f+A, qcf hcb+P - 50%
  4. Close C(1), f+A, qcb+Kx2, (S)qcf hcb+P - 55%

** Corner**

  1. Crouch B, Crouch A, qcf+C, f+D, CD/(dp+C, f+D) - 32%/37%
  2. Crouch B, Crouch A, qcf+C, f+D, qcf hcb+P - 55%
  3. Close C(1), f+A, qcf+C, f+D, CD/(dp+C, f+D) - 40%/45%
  4. Close C(1), f+A, qcf+C, f+D, qcf hcb+P - 65%


  1. Crouch B, Crouch A, qcf+BC, f+D, qcf hcb+AC - 65%
  2. Crouch C, BC, walk Crouch C, qcb+Dx2, dp+A(2), ©qcb+Dx2, dp+A(2), ©qcb+Dx2, dp+A(1), (S)qcf hcb+AC - 90%
  3. Crouch B, Crouch A, qcf+BC, f+D, dp+A(1), ©qcb+Dx2, dp+A(2), ©qcb+Dx2, dp+A(2), ©qcb+Dx2, dp+A(2), ©qcb+Dx2, dp+A(1), (S)qcf hcb+AC

Far Standing A - prevents hops

Far Standing D - stops hops but you gotta do it early. Can hit crouchers if timed correctly.

Standing CD- AA

Down C - prevents most jumps , tends to trade or lose to most higher priority jumps. Slow though.

Jump vertical B - Air to air.

Jump D

Blackout I feel is a pretty weak move. I only use it after landing a crD or kara cancel CD if my opponent is already in the air. Blackout can get grabbed as well. Characters that have non ground projectiles like Robert you can use DP+C because he ducks a bit and advances before going airborne but most opponents will time their projectile so that you have to block it or they’ll do it at a distance in which you cannot punish them.


Well the thing about K’ is that it’s pretty rare to land a midscreen combo in a match that isn’t the low damaging crouch B, crouch A, qcf+C, f+B. Also, while his crossups are pretty good (his jump C especially), it’s hard to combo off them. K’ does his best damage off combos in the corner (combos already listed). Anywhere else and honestly most of your damage will be from stand CDs.


Thanks both. After a while I don’t have trouble with the normal combos, the BC combos however…man, I remembered why I never use them unless I’m playing Kyo >_>

Any execution tips?

Oh, and how useful are the following?
-qcb+k from a backdash
-qcb+Dx2 so fast that the first one doesn’t come out
-his HSDM (little damage, but it’s unblockable so it must have some use, right?)

Oh, and Hatred, you forgot to mention how qcb+D goes over ground projectiles.


Slow down your execution and buffer inputs. Trying to do it fast may cause you to mess up. KOF is kinda anal about it’s inputs.

If you can read your opponent well enough to counter them with that move then go for it but the chances of that happening are slim.

If you do that within a block string it’s a a good move. Black out is unreliable to advance within a block string so use that.

If this was KOF 2002UM then it would be much more useful but I wouldn’t say use it in OG2002.

If your opponent is that predictable enough for you to use that, then by all means go for it but a solid player won’t give that kind of opening. You don’t see K’ players doing that in high level play.