Oga Cross Set Ups



Hey all!
I noticed that there is no single thread dedicated to the “oga cross set ups” (or maybe I’m just no good at looking :shake:). I find oga crosses extremely useful in my game play, they make a world of difference in damage output, resets and mind games (genanigans).

Set ups are very character specific in SSF4 so your available options will be different from character to character. (shout out to “Hoigek” I learned a LOT of these by watching his vids and to “cbpye” for organizing and cleaning up the data)

Please only post additional crosses you have found and/or corrections to my compilation.

-Assume all Throws are MIDSCREEN (no corner nearby your “oga wall”) unless specified otherwise.
-All names are according to the American version of the game (Balrog = Boxer, Bison = Dictator, Vega = Claw)
-All moves are in Crane stance unless specified otherwise (obvious exception: GEKIRO and SWEEP require Mantis stance)

-Lets say you land Crane c.LK on Ryu
-If you follow the top row you will find c.LK
-Once found, you move down the column until you reach Ryu’s Row
-You will notice there is a number “S-2” in that block
-If you look at the “Legend” on the right you will see that “S” = “Sweep Before” and “2” = “Mid Oga Cross”
-So that means you execute this after the c.LK.
-Therefore the full setup becomes “c.LK > Sweep > Mid Oga Cross”

If you have a hard time understanding the first file, here is the character specific one: (This file is outdated butwill be updated soon) http://cbpye.net/OgaSetups.ByCharacter.txt

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Gen Guide List Compilation

This is awesome. You, Sir, are a scholar and a gentleman.


LOVE IT! I’m taking this and making a companion list that’s looking something like this:

I think it could be improved though by removing some ambiguity… perhaps the part that reads LOW OGA CROSS could be improved so that the reader unquestionably knows what you mean? Something like “Towards LK Oga >> Far Kick” might be a little more clear in letting a person know whether to Oga using up-towards rather than up-neutral or up-back, using the Light Kick button, and using the Oga > Far Kick rather than letting the stick go neutral when Gen hits the wall.

Also, does anyone know of a set of SSFIV character icons? Something like the cartoony character-head icons that fans made for Guilty Gear and BlazBlue, but for SSFIV characters? Those would really be great for making this list quickly readable. Hell, this could be used to make that Excel spreadsheet super-readable.


I like your more detailed description of the move sets. That way it would be a lot clearer to the reader as to what they need to do :slight_smile:

I see what you mean with your new companion list and I did consider compiling all my information that way but I decided to use the other method because I find it easier to see what I can do against Cammy (for example) when the list is character specific, but in the end it comes to personal preference. I actually have this list infront of me whenever I go online or have a few casuals. It’s a lot information to memorize but I’ll hopefully get there eventually.


yeah, I see what you mean (about the preference of sorting by character). I took the liberty of doing it anyway (had nothing better to do) as well as an extra list sorted by how frequently a setup will work. Don’t worry, you’re properly credited :D.


I left your oga annotation as you originally wrote it. I put a brief instructional note in the header of the file to explain it (it’s not confusing at all, really, because almost all of these setups use far kicks).

Edit: as of 2011-01-21 13:00:00 I think these files are complete. If you find an error, please let me know.



Love it! Specially the frequency one. It shows how often the set ups are possible (they work on so many characters!).

Basic Summery:
-Forward Grab = Oga Cross
-Back Grab Facing Corner = Oga Cross (when ever someone is dizzy I push them to the corner and back grab them… for reset and possible juicy ultra)
-Sweep = Oga Cross (awesome punish for Shoryukens)

The person that can master all these would become an extremelly dangerous Gen (I’m trying the get there)

ps. learning new “Geriko -> Oga Cross” set ups now as well… will be posting


New file: http://cbpye.net/OgaSetups.ods

This is an OpenDocument spreadsheet file made with OpenOffice.org Calc 3.2.0
It shows what characters the most common setups work against. I’d like to get small character icons in order to improve the readability of this sheet.


hey, nice thread. I’ve tried searching but cant seem to find any info so could one of yous pls explain in a bit more detail the ins and outs of walking forward then doin an oga, i fear i might be missing something. thanks


Lunar: I think there’s an explanation of it in one of TheHoigek’s videos. I’m currently unable to perform it, myself.


thanks dude, so it’s literally just a tiny bit of walking and pres up-forward n kick before the charge runs out yeah?


nice thread, but replace “CRUMBLE” with “CRUMPLE”


About the walkforward Oga

After the forward throw just walk a tiny bit forward. This is done by pretty much rolling your stick from db to df in one smooth motion. It’s pretty much the same movement you’d do with Balrog’s headbutt into ultra. If done correctly Gen will tak 1 or 2 tiny steps and then the LK version Oga should come out.


thanks warlike, erm i presume you mean down-forward to up-forward though? i can do it on one side now just gotta work on the other and the “wait” part


Kind of, it’s pretty much between :df: and :uf: it’s very subtle and kind of hard to get at first, but so godlike once you can do it in a match. If you have super or ultra it’ll take like 400+ damage, I think it’s 600 if you do super+ mantis ultra. Even if you don’t have them it’s still good since I haven’t met anyone who blocked it successfully, it’s such a subtle movement, almost like a twitch and hard to visually spot. So even if your opponent knows about it it’s still alot of guesswork for him.


yeah, it’s definitely nifty, but how’s it fare against different reversals (i imagine a lot will whiff)? Also i set the dummy on crouch in training n the cross up oga whiffed- can you get the timing down so that it’ll hit on the wake-up standing frames like hakans 360kick move or do you just rely on your opponents instinct to block high on air moves? i guess people can dash out of it too but if they start doing that then maybe you can drop on em instead, that’d be cool


I’ve updated the files a bit. I corrected most of the spelling errors in the files, and the ByFrequency list should now accurately reflect the ByCharacter list. The spreadsheet has been updated to reflect that. Also, the spreadsheet is now available in MS Excel format. I’ve dropped the BySetup list, since the ByFrequency list makes it pretty damn redundant.


http://cbpye.net/OgaSetups.ods (OpenDocument Spreadsheet, made with OO.org Calc 3.2.0)
http://cbpye.net/OgaSetups.xls (MS Excel Spreadsheet, made with OO.org Calc 3.2.0)

You can get OpenOffice.org from http://openoffice.org (free of charge, free of patents, free of propriety)

Considerations for future spreadsheet updates (please leave comments!):
Readability could always be improved.
I’m thinking about dropping Fei Long, Seth and Sagat from the spreadsheet. Sagat has no common setups, and Seth and Fei only have one each. It’d free up some vertical space.
It’d be awesome to have it so that the ByFrequency list were on Sheet2 of the spreadsheet, and updating the table on Sheet1 would automatically update the ByFrequency list on Sheet2. That’s some advances spreadsheet wizardry right there, but it should be possible.


That’s the beautiful thing about these sets ups. You make your adversary second guess himself.

If he starts blocking or crouching then use a close oga instead of far (wont cross then)
If he is using reversals then use the cealling drop
If he is always getting crossed then keep em comming until he learns haha

Bottom line is that every set up gives you a clean 66% chance of connecting if used correctly. (and that’s assuming your adversary is capable)


Great job.


edited: well at first i didnt notice these were already written (except for seth)… so my apologies

just one thing in the 1st (amazing) post “clashes” with my testing…

“BACK THROW(FACING CORNER) -> MID OGA CROSS” for fei long, i found LK oga to be the version which worked better (much easier and consistent)

i tested many setups some months ago and listed in a .doc file…
some of them were actually already written in the 1st post in this thread :wink:
i might update this post later with other setups… if theyre not old stuff :E

anyway, before i noticed it was already posted (except the seth setup, which is pretty much guaranteed and easy to do), i wrote this…

i omitted dhalsim with MK oga since (as also written in the 1st post) its very hard to do and you have huge chances of getting your oga blocked super high and super punishable


Thanks for the feedback Trapy! I got on the Gen lab and confirmed your data, I’ve made the changes you requested and added an additional note to the top description.

On a site note: Do you guys know if it’s possible to post a visible excel file or image on the forums? The reason I ask I have tweeked the original Excell document cbpye made about these crosses in the hopes that would be slightly more comprehensive. I’m hoping I can show it to you guys and get some feedback.