Oga setups



Ok so this could be put in the main threads, but I think this move alone deserves its own setup thread (also there are tons of pages in the moves ones that would further bury this topic). While the other 3 special moves can be combo’ed into or have their own specific situations to use (wtf kicks as an AA), the oga is more of a starter, meter builder, used to cover distance, fake, cause confusion, and in the very rare case that you can anticipate a fireball, to anti fireball someone. So with that being said what are some of the best setups you have found? and additionally does anyone have meaty crossover ogas? I have done them a couple of times, getting them on a consistent basis would help with the mixups


Recently I’ve been using it for a reset. I usually will hit them with the oga (staying in kkk) then use a st. mk or st. lp for the reset. Then I go for j. mk, cr. lk, (ppp) cr. hk for a decent knock down. A good way to mix that up would obviously be not crossing them up with the j. mk. Another good one I use occasionly is just j. hp in crane, after hitting them with it you can dash under them (switching stances during the dash or the j. hp) and set up a mk-hands, mk-hands, fadc or something like that. However, the j.hp dash under is character specific. So, far i’ve had it fail on Sagat and Honda. Would test, but I’ve got to go to work.

As far as landing that thing goes, I wait for the fb or sometimes just go for it on wakeup. A good way to bait them for the oga on wake up is after scoring a few knockdowns use the mk version of it to land right in front of them before they wake up. I usually will just block or go for a meaty hp-hands. After I’ve done this once or twice I will go with the hk version and try to get a reset off it. That is unless I have ultra.

I’m sure others can elaborate on this more, but I’ve just seriously picked up Gen a little less than a month ago, so my bad.


Wait, are you asking for setups or follow ups? I mean, setup-wise, I’ve only really done it:

  1. Beginning of match
  2. Anti-Fireball
  3. Wakeup game w/ crossup oga

When I follow up, I usually do the j. hk x2 in Crane since, if I just so happen to have ultra, I can combo into it. Also, I think the dmg is a little better than wtf kicks. If it isn’t, then, knowing lag, probably better than incomplete wtf kicks.


An oga setup I like to use is (All Crane):
j.mk, cr.short, cr. mp xx oga(lk version).
I usually cross up with the oga and use the downwards off the wall kick.

This really stuffs up charge characters and can confuse the hell out of people, the cr. mp combo’s into oga as well as reseting them.

Afterwards you switch to mantis and do whatever you normally would after hitting with an Oga kick, gekiro, super/ultra or reset them again for more shenanigans.

Update: lk oga against tall characters and mk against regular characters, lk ogas kick will whiff regular sized characters.


What determines the side of the screen Gen jumps to when you do Oga? I’ve seen Gen on the left side of the screen with the other character somewhere in the middle and Gen jumps to the far wall rather than to the closest wall for the cross-up. I’ve managed to do this a few times but would like to know what I have to do to make it more consistent for wake up games.


it just depends on the inputs, :ub: rather than :uf:


9/10 times if they’re unfamiliar with gen the crossup oga hits and thats free super/ultra or gekiro


I wouldn’t state my uses as best(closer to bad), but my favourite is EX oga to the forward wall against ppl who, instead of trying to block my ogas, try to back jump hk to counter my regular oga, or who are just jump happy.

I also like using them as crossup set-up (j.mk, crane c.lk, slightly delayed mantis c.hk, mk to the forward wall -> far kick & or forward grab, hk to the forward wall -> near kick)

I’m currently using less ogas and more crane normals (yes, the slow ones), so I forgot other ones I used to utilize =[


Aside from Yeb’s Cross-up Oga after a toward + throw, I’ve had similar success with a Cross-up Oga after Gen’s Crane (kkk) Style Super (Jakoha). As soon as your opponent’s leg hits the ground, attempt the wk. Oga and cross-up your opponent during their wake-up animation.


Can you always do an ultra (without using super) after hitting your apponent with a Oga?.. is it character specific or ne thing?

I have tryed to ultra after Oga… but no luck. its anoying me a little, coz i can get super easy.


Didnt we already have an Oga section thread?


I try to time it so Ultra starts as soon as Gen recovers from the landing recovery animation of the Oga. Works for me, for both Ultra’s. I think it’s later for Super, but to be fair i don’t use Super off Oga very often:)


Ive been looking around, but I havnt seen it yet. I might have mixed it up with the cross up crane j.mk, c.lk sweep tho or other things tho, so excuse me if its already here. Im guessing Yeb, and Asiantom and all the good guys know bout this but for those who dont know.


J.mk, s.lp, c.lk then oga cross up with MK (to the other side of the wall like in the forward grab setup)

NOTE: you have to land close with the j.mk, can be tricky with the cross up, close in the way that you would land from the front. I land it 100% from the frontside.

NOTE2: Ive only tried this with ryu, dunno bout other chars.