Ogre beginner? Tips here. .



With OGRE’S new buffs in this version it is inevitable that he will draw more attention, and it is OUR job as the OGRE forum watchers to help out fellow users of the green giant.
Frame data chart here ----> (select OGRE from the characters above)

OGRE is NOT a rush down character. His combos are damaging, yes, but you do not rush characters down. He punishes, and DESTROYS all of the traditional Street Fighter cast minus Bison, Vega, and Gief.
I like to call him a LOCK DOWN character.
No need to rush down when you have A LOT of tools on defense. Such as
-Ancient power HP (Forcefield) 100dmg Go to AA
-Ancient power MP (High attack counter, air attack counter) 180 dmg very good AA
-Standing MK is a good AA at a character length away jump in as well.
-EX Flame kick can be used as a reversal and you can combo *Hunting hawk, HP ****** etc afterwards.

You have crouching LK that is almost the same distance as a crouching MK that is +6 on hit and +2 on block.
Crouching MK on hit is +4 and 0 on block. THESE are your go to moves. They will set everything up.
Despite the buff on crouching MP being super cancel able it is -7 on block. Super punishable by some of the cast. If it isn’t used at a safe distance will be punished on its 12 frame start-up or 23 frame recovery if it isn’t connected. Space correctly and you’ll be fine.
From distance, use that FAR HP. Counter hit causes crumble and if you hit it deep like at the begging of the wrist you can link the crouching MK into the the special move of your choice. I prefer ex burn kick for safe confirm if it didn’t all link. Looking at 300+ damage. Easy.

Be patient and close the distance to the corner. Mix things up on your opponents wake up. LOCK your opponent down with links from LK - MK * Indigo punch dash cancel forward or backwards to bait* and continue the pressure… If you have confidence and a lot of courage throw in that LK Owl’s Hunt in the mix (Fire teleport overhead) Be careful the move is -10 on block but they have to block high. BUT YOLO it out if your opponent is sleeping.

On wake-up I like to keep a character or character and a half length away and Cr.HP overhead. If the opponent doesn’t have a fast super that covers distance because the move is -9 and is super punishable by some of the cast.

Notice that if you are just picking him up, this guy has SLOW walk speed don’t worry about that, his forward dash is fast and his back dash may not cover a lot of ground but if used well you’ll be perfectly fine.

Feel free to add. This post is to help people picking OGRE up. I felt like the forum didn’t have this. I will post more tips later g2g!

Xbox live Gamertag - Randino The God. I will be on the PeacefulJay stream as much as I can so you guys can see my OGRE in action. I like to think that I am actually good with him. lol.


ogre’s most important tool is jabjab which is +7 on block. remember that
and you aint getting punished for doing crouch medium punch when you cancel it into lp indigo, its +2. easy counter hit when they block indigo. your go to punish combo is (jump in) crouch hk cadc stand hk cadc stand hp owl hunt tag cancel. this does 600 damage.

his frame traps and gimmicks are really the reason to play him. his defense isnt as good as it may appear to be imo. especially with throws being good now, hes really scary up close. always start pressure after a jump in with jabjab. always. jabjab on hit standing will combo into crouch hk, which is your go to combo for max damage. it also confirms into any other combo (into boost, etc). basically everyones jab pressure got nerfed besides ogre’s. +7 jab is too good to not abuse. also jab medium medium chain is WAYYY better than people think. so many counterhits. cancel last hit into owl hunt if youre confident in the counterhit or indigo if youre not sure. also, its only -1 or something on block and your crouch short is mad fast so you can also get cr lk, mk, mk chains on counterhit a lot.

example series:
crouch mp on block cadc in, jabjab ASAP (blocked), crouch mk (often will counterhit) cadc, jab - infinite kicks (combo)

crossup mk immediate crouch hk cadc (if hits do combo), jabjab, infinite kicks confirm hit? (hk owl hunt tag cancel) block? (cancel into lp indigo punch for +2, counterhit crouch medium punch)

pressure into infinite kicks on block cadc forward immediate lk owl hunt tag cancel is a go to gimmick against lesser players

and importantly, whenever you start playing someone new, test them with infinite kicks. if theyre new they wont block it, ever, so KEEP DOING IT. if you see theyre good, mix in stand hk on block (-1 but they’ll prepare to block the infinite kicks so wont press anything) crouch lk.

dont rely on insanely punishable moves like crouch hp and stand hp on anyone good. only use crouch hp ONCE IN A LONG WHILE. it does no damage firstly, and its damn easy to see. theres no reason to when you have a mixup game like he does. one stand hp blocked and your charcater is potentially dead, fray. never use stand hp imo. the counterhit isnt useful enough to think about it proactively. you can do more damage in a much more safe way.

just some thoughts. hes a really deep mindgames charcater. never forget your dp is retarded

–stream of consciousness rant


any tips on crossup? Jump Mk’s hitbox seems really awful, and in corner it’s even harder to hit crossup. Other option or tips on optimal range, maybe?


mk is the only button for crossup just learn the range to jump at and the timing of when you should press the button in training mode. thats all you can do


also learn to vary when infinite kicks is going to hit your opponent. if you can space or time infinite kicks in certain ways it wont be as clear as the standard stand hk hits, block high, block low. you can catch them with the overhead first, or the low hit first.

a good setup for this is off of an owl hunt (its a hard knockdown) do 1 of 2 things.

dash, hk owl hunt, infinite kicks ---- this is a meaty overhead and if they roll they roll into the corner

owl hunt without a dash, wait a fraction of a second, infinite kicks ---- meaty low hit of infinite kicks

obviously can backdash or reversal but its good ass shenanigans


Very usefull stuff.

So if I understand correctly you can do cr.hk xx IPDC xx s.hk xx IPDC s.hp xx OH?

Definately have to try that out.


Yes you should master that combo as it does like half life xD


Great read here. I’m trying to get into SFxT and Ogre definitely caught my attention. Just out of curiosity, should Ogre be a point or anchor character and who does he pair well with?


Sorry Ive been busy as of late, but I Like to use Ogre on point as battery… But he is probably better as second character when you don’t have to close the distance in. <br>If youre strong fundamentally you can run him on point. If not you can get blown up because he is FREE on wakeup. You can OS any of his options. Don’t be scared to back dash though. lol AND YES MK is actually VERY good. It is a cross up you must master because although IT doesnt have the greatest Hitbox it is AMBIGUOUS as fuarrrrkkkkkkkkkk.<br><br>And if you arent comfortable with that… and youre oppenent is scared. EMPTY jump low his arse. :)<br><blockquote class=“Quote”>
<div class=“QuoteAuthor”><a href="/profile/18034/ataconazi">ataconazi</a> said:</div>
<div class=“QuoteText”>mk is the only button for crossup just learn the range to jump at and the timing of when you should press the button in training mode. thats all you can do</div>



Ogre isn’t free at all on wakeup
Dp, backdash, ex burnkick, and hk owlhunt to get out are all very good imo


Back Dash is option selectable. Ex burnkick is a wake up option that can be safe jumped, and Hk owl hunt is an escape option that can only be used on quick rise. Lots of recovery so you cant do that against someone with a super that hits atleast 2 character lengths away. Dp can be grabbed if they see it coming and its VERY PuNISHABLE on block not to mention if you tag cancel it you’re still getting hit. In essence. You BLOCK on wake up. If you plan on beating someone good that is. <br>


Updated Fram Data chart —> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/lv?key=0Ahj9eopeop0SdDltVUdvbWx4ZjFUMWNBRW1mdmFwUEE&f=true&noheader=true&gid=3<br>


Lol ok…no character in this game has perfect wake up…compare his options to like dudley, xiaoyu, raven, law… etc THEY are free on wakeup


Dudley at least has MP and EX Jet Uppers, which are invincible.

EX Blazing Kick is godlike though. It beats just about everything and is pretty safe too.


ex blazing kick can be thrown on startup…as i learned last night when sanford threw mine on stream :o
both of his wakeup options are throwable unforetunately
i think ex orb is not throwable though.

also i take back what i said earlier about standing fierce, that move is dumb good if you know when to use it
also regular blazing kick which i said kinda sucks actually has one really good use. off frame traps that push you too far back to hit with indigo punch.
IE pushed back with 2 MPs on block, then cr mk , blazing kick
or cr mp, lp indigo on block…cr mk, blazing kick