Ogre Combo Thread



if you come up with a good thread title i’ll change it.
Generic for now =/

waning moon = :d::db::b: + :p:
very unsafe on block
command grab when close to opponent and standing
most damaging ender outside of super
punch changes the strength
ex does same damage as hp, but has armor

ancient power = :f::d::df: + :p:
:lp: is low counter
:mp: is mid high counter
:hp: works like a dp invincible til the strike. great anti air and decent end. creates space.
:2p: probably has most invincibility and does 20 more damage than hp

blazing kick = :d::db::b: + :k:
all versions do same damage
reflects fireballs, even multi hitting fireballs
:lk: sends projectile forward
:mk: sends up forward
:hk: sends fireballs upward
:2p: sends forward at a faster spend
when ex connects with opponent it allows for midscreen juggle opportunities

owl’s hunt = :f::d::df: + :k:
similar to super skrulls meteor smash
:lk: is right in front of you
:mk: is midscreen
:hk: is fullscreen
:2p: tracks
great combo starter
can kind of be used to punish fireballs. hit box is only in front of ogre so use this wisely and learn the spacing

indigo punch :d::df::f: + p
strength determines speed
:lp: being the slowest
eats fireballs
:2p: causes wallbounce
good in combo for pushing opponent towards corner

in most cases cr. :lk: and cr. :lp: are interchangeable because they both link into cl. :hp: and cl. :hk: are also interchangeable in the corner and some cases midscreen


midscreen bnbs:
cr. :lk: cl. :hp: xx :lk: owl’s hunt, :uf: :lk: > :mk:, cl. :hk: xx special attack
:mk: owl’s hunt 354 damage untechable knockdown allows for oki
:hp: ancient power 354 damage techable. creates spacing close to that of the beginning of the fight
:hp: waning moon 374 puts opponent fullscreen switches sides
blazing kick 346 leaves opponent in front of you. should be reserved for cross assault combos

To be continued

help out and post some good bnbs


i havent tested it but from what ive seen ogre should be able to do snake blade , 2 hits of hunting hawk , cr.mk xx owls hunt , cr.mk xx blaze kick .or indigo punch or super


just tested it . cant do anything after the owls hunt. so just do the one Jcool813 posted .


Are there any combos after Owl’s Hunt? I cant for the life of me get close enough to hit them after it connects.

it ground bounces if they’re crouching though so you can combo that, thats about it.


I’m playing Ogre because he’s vaguely similar to Super-Skrull, so I made a couple simple combos starting from Owl’s Hunt; you just have to get used to the timing first. Might be updated with values later; I don’t remember exactly, but the first two do around 250 and the last one is around 400.

:dp: :lk: (Owl’s Hunt) > :f: :hk::hk::hk::hk::hk: (Infinite Kick)

:dp: :lk: (Owl’s Hunt) > :uf: :lk::mk::lk: (Hunting Hawk)

:dp: :lk: (Owl’s Hunt) > :qcf::3p: (Super)


You can actually do a little better than this. If you connect with any version of Owl’s Hunt, you can get uf.LK xx MK, cl.HK xx qcb LP for about 350. Ending with Super instead gives ~480.


My BnB combos (I like my cr.LK like I’m M. Bison):

cr.LK x 2, uf.LK>MK , MP/HP xx HP Ancient Power (owl hunt xx tag combo if you have 1 meter!)

you can replace it with Waning moon or Owl Hunt if you want damage or different oki. I just prefer Ancient Power oki since I have a really easy setup afterwards that handles all options, however I will mix in WM randomly when I feel like it for damage or meter build.

st.MP, cr.LK>MK>MK, uf.LK>MK, land HP AP

st.MP, cr.MK xx WM

cr.LK x 3-4 , cr.MK xx HP AP

j.HP/HK, HP/HK xx LK owl , uf.LK>MK, land HP/HK xx WM (The definitive punisher at 400+)

j.MP, land WM or Super (in or near corner) air 2 air, j.MP causes ground bounce!

j.MP, cr.MP>cr.HP

I don’t have the damage and meter build but these are all good hit confirmable combos that go up to High 200-300 range, the uf.LK TC and WM give you the most meter.

I like Ogre in that he doesn’t really need meter for EX moves and you pretty much just use them for tag combos.

I have a vid with these combos and team combos with Ogre that starts at 0:50 so check it out,


great contribution. i’ll update the first post when i get a chance.



i don’t play hugo, but used him as a filler combo.

the start of the combo is what i’ve found to be the maximum damage you can start a combo with


I’ve got a bunch of combos I’ve been doing. I’ll post them up when I get home from work.


eiyujpn you can probrably get more damage off your first combo if you start it with snake blade ( down lk , down mk , down mk ) instead . and since owls hunt gives un techable knockdown it might be better for knock down . also does anyone know if cr.hp ground bounces a air born character? if so theres alot more possible damage to be had.


Jump HP > Snake blade > first two hits of hunting hawk > Blazing Kick > LK > C.MK -> Waning moon for about 400 damage. Can EX the blazing kick to go back to the first two hits of hunting hawk and loop or to use Hell inferno. Still working on more links.


cr. HP does not ground bounce an airborn opponent.

I’m having really hard time with the BnB in the first post. Can never connect uf+WK. Feels like they get pushed too far away.



yes you can do that too, I just feel like a bamf when I land the cr.LK, uf.LK 1f link!

I know owl hunt gives untechable knockdown, so you only have to deal with normal get up and roll. However I just prefer my oki set up after AP, I go for dash f.HP and if they quick rise then they get meaty and if counter hits while standing I get free crumple combo. It is kind of a false security thinking they are far away and unsuspecting of f.HP’s reach and they usually try to do something at that point = counter hit.

If not and it whiffs then I recovery fast enough to confirm that and react to roll or normal get up and get the appropriate jump in. Not to mention that the blast sends them flying to corner so opponents get more predictable and pressured since they will obviously want to forward roll out and even if you read it wrong and jump back its no biggie as you can still keep them in the corner easily.
I can also tag out worry free if I need to since I am pretty far.


the timing for connecting uf.LK changes a lot depending on the move, but it is general best to try it as soon as possible except when it is straight from owl hunt which gives you a little more time to adjust/confirm it.

I didn’t think blaze kick allowed any extra juggle points, not even ex blaze kick does that…I remember trying something like that early on but don’t recall any success with it, I will have to try it out again


Ive been able to do it like 5 times. Feels like window is insanely small mid-screen. Instead of hunting hawk i just do cr. MP cr.HP. Does a lot less but 10x more reliable. It’s like starting the combo with cr.LP or cr.LK pushes them just too far away making the HH follow-up very difficult mid-screen.

So instead of doing:
cr. :lk: cl. :hp: xx :lk: owl’s hunt, :uf: :lk: > :mk:, cl. :hk: xx special attack

I do:
cr. :lk: st.:hp: xx :lk: owl’s hunt, cr.:mp: cr. :hp:

Imma keep working on the first one but is so fucking difficult mid screen lol


Just throwing this out there in case people didn’t know… If you get a counter hit st. hp it causes crumple…


@Jesse only on standing and I mentioned it in my earlier post.

uf.LK follow up after owls hunt is not that hard and the timing doesn’t change even if your combo is pretty long, unless you are in the corner which gives you a way bigger window to connect it.

Once you learn the timing you should barely miss it unless you are playing online lag. Just practice or recognize visual/audio cues to help you.

If you aren’t consistent then at least just do a standing string into cancel should do more damage and gain more meter than simply going for chain to c.HP knockdown.

j.HK/HP, st.MP, cr.LK/MK xx WM is easy and works wonders. Even more easier is to just go into chain > tag launcher > combo.

I actually have one method you can try out, after you do owls hunt hold up forward and press LP twice or maybe even three times and see if that helps you learn the timing.

ok I don’t know if you are mistaken and actually messed up your combo notes (which I doubt because 400 dmg would sound about right for this combo) but uf.LK>MK land blaze kick to anything cr.LK/MK does not work for me. Are you sure you were able to do that?

If you have a vid I would like to see it, but as of now even in corner i can’t do it…


I know that, what im trying to say that it’s difficult in the specific combo that i posted it. Its easy to do other wise and i have no problem with it. It’s just that SPECIFIC combo. I also found out that the cr.LK st.HP link doesnt work on crouching characters (not sure if all of them).

Im not trying to be difficult but i don’t think you are understanding what i’m talking about.

This is the mid screen combo im talking about:

cr.LK st.HP xx LK Owl’s Hunt uf+LK, MK blah blah

what im talking about is linking the HH after the OH. It’s just the link in this specific combo is a lot harder than normal. Feels like a distance thing. It’s really inconsistant.


I went back and tested it and it did seem more inconsistent this time, weird since I didn’t have a problem with this before maybe it is character dependent or the link is just tighter or I was just spot on that day…

I tried changing states from crouching and standing but it didn’t seem to affect the timing, same timing for king on either state, so I think that is ruled out

I’ll try with a variety of characters and see what results that yields.


It’s easier to link it if you do s.hp into owl hunt rather than s.hk too for whatever reason.