Ogre Distance between pushbuttons

Does anyone else find the half inch gaps between pushbuttons, on your fight stick, annoying?

I think im going to make a wooden case and minimize the gap between my buttons, I might even file down the lip on the left and right side of the buttons, to but them up next to each other.

I can press them, I just dont know why its so fail a$$ ergonomically crafted. not to mention the robotically spaced placement. Pressing button combinations shouldnt require funky finger bending.

Anyone want to post some more interesting or ergonomically crafted button spacings?
Im going to go kinda wild on my placement.

Buy this. It is about as ergnomic as you can get for a fighting input system without losing on quality in terms of reactions. I personally prefer the standard stuff because I’ve got big hands.

Take a look at the Qanba and Eightarc sticks. The buttons are literally about 2mm away from each other, and I’m pretty sure that’s about as close as you can get it without running into some interference and fit issues.

oh thats awesome, Ill look that up Eltrouble, but tbh Im poor so I was going to build a stick and place buttons myself.

The Jump button on that ‘hitbox’ is where I will be placing my light kick : ) so instead of bringing my thumb up… It will just chill in the correct place. my Pinky will be Heavy kick. Still thinking about what to do with the Medium kick button, I almost thought about placing it under the pad of my palm. I would rather press it with my thumb, also, but then doing LK+mk+hk would be hard. I may just place it under MP. I need to make sure I can do FA’s super simply also.