Ogre Pandora Combos

Been getting owned by Pandora combos, decided its time to actually start implementing them into my game! I’m really struggling to understand how exactly the mechanics of this thing works. Here’s what I got so far with my Ogre + Jack X team.

[Ogre] cl.HP xx EX IP, Pandora, [Jack X] mp DP, Super

[Jack X] cl.HP xx DP, Pandora, [Ogre] cr.MK xx Super

[Ogre] corner only: OH, j.mp, Pandora. The ground bounce usually gives you plenty of time to do a normal xx Super (or at least it does for Alisa and Julia, guessing most of the cast would be able to do something similar). Also works with snake blade, or basically anything that lets you land a j.mp.

[Ogre] midscreen: cr.hk cadc j.mp, Pandora. It seems you need a far reaching move (like Alisa’s cr.hp) to connect anything after it though.

[Alisa] clock setting, DES.st.hp, Pandora, [Ogre] super (at least in training mode i’ve been able to land this a couple of times, but it’s freaking hard)

[Alisa] clock setting, Pandora, [Ogre] cr.mk xx super

[Alisa] DES.st.hp, Pandora, [Ogre] st.hp xx super

[Alisa] ex double cut, Pandora, [Ogre] hunting hawk, st.hp xx super

EDIT: added some more and corrected a small mistake :slight_smile:

my team’s pandora setups


damage isn’t too high, though the satisfying feeling of a pandora finish makes up for it