Ogre team synergy?



Just wondering which 2nd character most of you guys are using besides ogre? Also what order do you run and why.


Right now I’m running Ogre with 2 meter gems and an attack gem on point because he builds meter really quick. My second is undecided as of right now but I like Ryu/Bison. I don’t launch from Ogre very often I find it more damaging to do a special into tag cancel for either c.hp xx shoryu or c.mp, c.mk xx tatsu with Ryu and with Bison I use c.mp, c.mp xx hp psycho crusher. It’s easiest to tag cancel from blazing kick because I’ve never landed s.mp, s.hp xx psycho crusher from any other of Ogre’s specials.

Similarly when Bison or Ryu is in tagging from a shoryu, psycho crusher or scissor kick (even light scissor works if you c.mk fast enough) I use c.mk, c.mk xx hp waning moon or even another blazing kick tag cancel. I know cl.hp is a bit better but when I’m online I go for the easier c.mk as I can get 2 in while I position my stick in the shortcut position for whatever move I’m about to perform.

Since I play Ogre like a giant green alien monster battery I prefer using meter on tag combo’s instead of supers and EX moves (donkey kick excluded for obvious damage potential) as they do just as much if not more damage and cost less or equal meter. If you can get an AA shoryu tag cancel into c.mk c.mk xx blazing kick tag cancel into c.hp xx shoryu not only does it look BAD ASS but its 400+ damage off of an anti air for the cost of 2 meters. Not a bad trade if you ask me.

Just play around with another character you like and spend a few hours in the lab doing every special canceled into your partner and see what comes of it. You’ll probably find some great stuff.


@joe, hope it helps your soulsearching tour :slight_smile:


I’m running Ogre / Julia right now and I’m really enjoying it. Ogre I feel deals with zoners better and I leave him on point because there are a lot more lame strategies being run right now. Once I get into the corner, I usually switch in Julia just because my biggest problem with her and trying to chase people in this game and in the corner, you don’t have anywhere to run vs Julia.

Ogre I feel doesn’t really need meter too much, he’s a great battery for Julia in that sense so I’ll maybe use a meter here or there in a combo, but Julia should always have meter. Her super is like the fastest in the game start-up wise so it just being available for her while she’s rushing you down is scary enough in it’s own right.


It’s only week two or so, but at the moment I’m running Vega/Ogre. My basic game-plan is to play footsies and build meter with Vega, land a combo with scarlet terror, switch to Ogre, then carry to the corner to finish them off. Ogre’s corner pressure is pretty scary since it practically impossible to cross him up, and his high-low game is frustrating to deal with. Also, if you have two bars, your opponent can’t throw a projectile without getting supered.


Running the same team as DBH. It’s been great so far. Vega Footsies -> Boost combos into Ogre still do a TON of damage.


Been running ogre/zangief lately. Really liking it so far. Lariat as an AA tag cancel into ogre is pretty entertaining and does good damage. Also after you’ve cornered someone as gief throw out lariat and tag cancel into ogre and do lk owl hunt for jokes.


So most of you are in agreement that Ogre is actually a strong battery character? Just looking at him I assumed he’d be a meter eating damage hoss who went second. Oh well, my search for a second character continues.


what do u guys think about bob /ogre?


I’m running Ogre/King
Not sure about the synergy, I just use them because I like them.
But as others have mentioned above, I use Ogre as a battery for King’s EX Convict Kick and/or EX Jaguar Bomb.


No clue on bob. Tried him day 1 a little but that’s it. No one seems to use him online so I’ve no idea if he’s even a decent character. Bob had some cool high low stuff from what I recall. I’ll have to give him a try again. Post some video of any tricks you learn man.


I Run Ogre/Heihachi… they both connect off each others juggles and Cross Cancels soooo well… these 2 in training and matches are fun and pisses a lot of people off especially both of them are random and always a guessing game


With my team, I roll Ogre second. Rolento with his pogo tricks can only do so much damage… plus, they all end in the same position for the opponent. With Ogre, not only can I add on some more damage, but I can put them in multiple situations that might favor me. You play a rush-down character? Too bad, I just sent you full-screen. Good luck getting in again, with my counters/strike invincible DP/multiple anti-airs. You play a zoning character? Oh, then I’ll just leave you right in front of me. Deal with my jabs/infinite kicks/hunting hawk/cadc pressure. Ogre, to me, is all about putting the opponent in a position they don’t wanna be in. All his special moves leave the opponent at a certain place on the screen. Abuse that. If you want to play Ogre, I suggest characters that can get in with ease or someone with weak damage output, but great mix-ups or exploits(Poison, Chun-Li, Heihachi all come to mind.) I almost never find myself using meter with Ogre, only for extra damage or anti-air supers, so maybe try some meter-reliant characters like Lili or King. Hope this helps you out!


Akuma/Ogre. Team Tokido, basically.

Do it. Akuma combo into Tatsu= free juggle. Tac to Ogre for huge dc juggles. Maulmaulmaulmaulmaul all the things.

And Ryu can also set up Ogre things as he can set up everyone’s things (can counter about everything, shoryu tac, joudan tac, shinsho tac, fireball combo tac). He’s a staple character imo along with Xiaoyu, Kaz etc.

You can try ken as his no-knock-down Tatsu hitconfirms… Everything and you can easily tac from shoryu as well.


Poison is my main tag partner for Ogre. I agree that mastering Ogre is about positioning, and Poison is all about zoning. With Poison as my battery, my goal is to get Ogre in using her reliable, long-range Boost Combos or anti-air KBAG SC, and then let Ogre clean up. It’s my best team, at least based on Ranked. :smiley:


Currently running Ogre/Jack. I run Ogre on point for when I need to rushdown, Jack on point for zoning/keepaway.