Oh dear God NO..Why just Why [MkvsSF rumors]


I think I’m gonna be sick

great thread

great avatar, captures exactly how i feel right now

Super SFxMK AE 2013 is already in development as we speak.

LMAO. XvsY Era is coming. Is it end of the beginning or beginning of the end?

I blame the millions AND MILLIONS of…

Oh who gives a fuck, I’m gonna spend as much time not buying it as will SFxT.



I’d buy it if I got to rip Ono’s head off.

It’ll be just as awesome as MKvsDC was, which means it’ll suck.

Now i’m over my bout of vomitting I think atleast if its SF vs MK, the MK cast will be finally playable but MK vs SF would be like some sort of still born alien. STOP THIS ONO and theres a new Blanka toy in it for you! ;-/ tell WB and NR to go to Hell!

MK vs VS instead?

I want to know how those characters work under VS’s system.

wow that actually made me want this project to be real.

Crap, if this happens, i won’t want to live on this planet anymore.

There’s like a dozen of those SF vs MK vids. Some are really cool tbh.

The hell is with all the negativity ITT? It’s not like it’s real anyway.

Can someone explain the “no why just why” part to me? Because I’m not getting it.

Friend you will not once you have combo breakers, x factor, pandoras or ugh gems

That video is awesome but MK3 was a long time ago maybe then but never now

15 years late

lol you guys take this statement serious? that was OBVIOUSLY simply a joke.

also sfvsmk or sfxmk would be major awesome. mk characters fit easily into street fighter.