Oh God, PAX is Here!

The Expo starts this Friday and runs through Sunday. If you offered to help me, please remind me ASAP by posting up which days and hours you want to come. Off the top of my head, I know Zach and Frank wanna help out. Here’s the current schedule:

Friday, August 29th
3:30pm~3:00am – Super Smash Brothers Brawl (Wii)

Saturday, August 30th
11:30am~4:30pm – Soul Calibur 4 (X-Box 360)
5:30pm~3:00am – Guitar Hero 3 (X-Box 360)

Sunday, August 31st
12:00pm~5:00pm – Halo 3 (X-Box 360)

Why is the fucking SCOAL tourmante 14 hours long? Can I remote desktop to th e tourmant via xbox live. I need those 8 frames of lag where people are unable to block ASSofFROTH 1PLUS A BUTTON sweeps. Guard impact is for scrubs. Fuck that numberpad system, shti is weaksauce on the reals.

Well, I’m scheduled to work with you in the mornings anyway, so I’m definitely helping out.

SCIV tourney is gonna be funny.

I’ll be there but I’m not entering any of those events. I don’t own or play any of those games.

What is there to do at PAXorz? How much to get in? I am much too lazy to use that little search box in the top right corner of my browser. I appreciate any and all help.


  • The Management

I might be at PAX Friday and part of saturday. I’ll probably be at the Garage Games booth most of the time.

I might be at PAX Friday before heading back to Portland for Kumoricon.
Can I still help out? I don’t know how long the non-prereg lines will be… lol

Its 30 bucks for 1 day, and 50 for a 3 day pass. There’s the tourneys obviously to go to, and then there’s a ton of panels about gaming in general. Most importantly, there’s a gigantic expo hall with a ton of previews of games coming out. Last year, there was a small section in the corner with free arcade games, including MvC2.

I’ll be going Sat and Sunday. I live in the LQC (lower queen anne) so if anyone wants to hang sat, sun night give me a loud vocal.

stfu scrub!

Mark: I definitely wouldn’t mind your help with Smash.

To everyone else: Here’s the master schedule.


If you want to help out with a specific tournament, make sure it doesn’t conflict with anything else you want to attend.

He was probably drunk. Look for the typos.

I’ll be there Friday and most likely Sunday to help.

I don’t think i’ll be going to this robert. But I’m not certain yet.

When are you coming back and how?

Zach: If you have to choose one or the other, I’d rather you come Friday than Sunday.

For everyone else: If you can only come one day, I’d rather it be Saturday. That’s when I’ll need the most help, all day if possible.

I’ll definitely be there Friday. Any particular things I should bring or wear?

Sunday’s just a 80% maybe because if it kills me Friday and then I go to Bumbershoot Saturday I might be too dead. :smile:

Don’t need anything, just yourself.

To all: in case it wasn’t clear, I need you to show up around noon on Friday and about 10am on Saturday/Sunday. Once you arrive, call my cell phone so we can meet up and I’ll give you a staff pass. This is assuming you aren’t paying to enter the expo itself.

sounds good.

Smash players are unbelievably nice to each other. The tourney was a total love/hug-fest and people were complimenting each other and explaining strategy to each other midmatch. WOW. I’m impressed. If I didn’t think Brawl took too long and was too boring, I would switch games. I definitely learned a lot from watching.

ya but i bet they don’t get blond chicks watching them play for half an hour like at zach’s