Oh he got dat...Lvl. 99 Slime! The Dragon Quest VI Thread

Yup, DQ6 has just been released to the NDS in the US.
DQ6 is said to have the best story fo the DQ games, and for that matter, please use spoiler tags where necessary.
I’m starting the game now and will post about my playthrough later on.

We have a dragon quest thread.


lvl 99!

Well there were threads for DQ5 and 4 when they got released, so I figured one for 6 would be OK.
Still if this is best discussed in the DQ thread, then I’ll post there instead~

It’s Party Slime!

5 has the best story.

Who said 6 did?

I’m three hours in, and loving it already.

As I see it.

I read about that a long time ago, but mind commenting on 5’s story? I seem to have forgotten most of it by now @_@

Some advice for those starting the game-

Bazaar and Somnia

[details=Spoiler]When at the bazaar, you should sell the items from your hometown for 480 G as that is the max price you can sell them for. Also one of the shop people will be selling a Thief’s Key for 1000 G, but it is possible to reject his offer until he sells it for 200 G.

As for Somnia, after you are told to go to the tower, it is best if you level up until Lvl. 8 or if possible 10 before going in, as the boss at the top of the tower is pretty tough. If you leave the tower after talking to this soldier, then you won’t get the Broken Heart that you were sent to get. However not getting it will not alter the game’s course or events.[/details]

I bumped it. Please post there.