Oh man I hate online


Wow, I just can’t win can I?

Online throws me off so badly. I’ll play against these morons and just continue to lose because I feel like Online slows everything down. I just got beat by some idiot called THEBESTINTHELANSD and he was absolutely atrocious. All he did was jump in with heavy kick and sweep… And for some reason I LOST to this moron.

After the first round, I promptly got on my mic and began talking smack, and beat him second round… I just had to point out how awful he was and that all he did was sweep. Then he BARELY beats me the third round, and promptly sends me messages calling me a bitch.

I’m by no means the greatest player out there. I’m VERY far from it… I’m okay at the game and I understand some good fundamentals, but for some reason online just ruins me. I can’t do combos, I do very stupid things, and I feel like the game is completely slowed down…

I just felt like venting I guess… Feel free to fight request THEBESTINTHELAND and ruin him.


This doesn’t really belong in this forum.