OH MY GOD Ov3rheadGreg shutdown

This is going to the mainpage of Shoryuken.com portal, now, immediately.


It appears that he uploaded matches from Topanga’s premium Nico stream, pretty much pay-per-view.
The warnings are from Dwango which runs Niwango which runs Nico Nico Douga which runs Topanga.

The #1 SF matches uploader evah is gone, 3000 videos disappeared in one day… what the fuck.


There’s already a thread for this.

No way. Terrible news. what the fuck indeed.

A: Use the existing thread.
B: Don’t be a tool: don’t upload stuff that’s not yours.
C: YouTube will randomly fuck you over if they want to. They’ve pulled my very own squeaky-clean content: what makes you think they won’t surprise rape you if they want to?

I told you guys years ago not to trust YouTube. But they’re not in the wrong here. Don’t post stuff that’s not yours.