Oh my! The spirits are back!

Indeed the obscure characters are back!:bgrin:

It’s been a while since I posted something proper.:smile: Currently not in the mood to draw SF chars so I thought I’d do something different.:bgrin:


Comments n critiques welcomed.:smile:

Twelve, I really like your stuff man. There’s so much character in each one of them. I think the color pallete works well through the whole piece, and the designs themselves are fun. One question, is the character furthest from us supposed to be fading into the background or is his lower body supposed to be hidden behind the other charracters? Curiousity mostly.

Good work.

brilliant way to make a return, Mr.Twelve :slight_smile:
truly lovely use of colour & light… it’s been a while since we got to see any of your work! nice layout in this pic too.

I recognise the front 3 as Donovan’s summoned spirits, but who’s the girl with the trident and the figure with the chain?

Hey thanks you 2 for the comments. Glad you like the colour n composition.:smile: I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.

That’s a good question.:bgrin: Initially, I just wanted the guy to be faded behind the other characters, coz you know… they’re all spirits n stuff so they don’t have a solid body. But as I started colouring the background… I decided to blend the background with the big guy. Coz in the game he looks like he’s emitted from this vortex thingy. So that’s what I tried to do… I wanted to make it look like blotch of colours in the background is actually a part of the guy. Hope that’s not too confusing.:smile:

Actually, all 5 of them are Donovan’s spirits.:bgrin: Here’s a reference pic:


The guy with the chain is Donovan’s stomping super. As for the girl, some people might have not seen her before, coz she only appeared in the later version of Vampire Savior.:smile: Of course, another factor that might contribute to them being less identifiable is because I had to change their colour scheme too. In the game, all of them are blue:wasted:… so I had to alter their colours to distinguish them apart.:smile:

Thanks again all.:smile:

i really desperatly want to know how to color like that! any tips? books? guides? toutorials?
i try to color w/ photoshop but my results aren’t really what i’m hoping for. i am patient, and know it doesn’t come over night, but i feel kinda like it’s all trieal and error, w/ no guidence.
can anyone point me in the direction of how to use photoshop like this?

This is great! I have always been envious of your fantastic angluar line work. I also like how you keep the line work strong and crisp and don’t spoil the effect with too much hatching. I remember the JoJo pics to did on your site being mega fantastic!

The dust/cloud/smokey effect for the background is great. Awesome picture all round!

Rabid Wombat
Hey there. Even though I wouldn’t say I am the all master of colouring, I’ll gladly share with u on how I colour my stuff. First thing’s first, I use Painter, although it doesn’t matter which software you use as long as you’re comfortable with them.:smile: So anyway lemme just put up a reference here:


Now the method I use to colour my pic is… I shall call it a mixture of soft shade and hard shade.

Soft shades are the ones you see in green. This is the earliest stage of colouring (right after applying the flats of course). At this stage, I’ll try to create a gradual shade from dark to light, depending on the shape/structure of the figure. I do this by eyedropping the darker shade, and dab it lightly on the lighter side. Then I’ll eyedrop the lighter side, and dab on the darker side etc. until I get the desired gradual smooth-shade.:smile:

After that… comes the fun part: The HARD SHADES. You can see them in blue. Now instead of dabbing lightly onto the canvas, I’m gonna pick a really dark shade, and just swipe across the pic. This act of swiping creates the huge contrast of shadows… a very clean and apparent shadeline.

It is important to note that when dealing with hard shades, it really depends on your own confidence of adding harsh shadows/highlights to your characters. Sometimes you have to be brave and just swipe around.:smile:

Lastly, another huge factor that contributes to your colouring style is you have to have an eye for picking good colours.:smile: As for me, I prefer the paler, washed out colouring style.:bgrin:

Hope this helps a bit.:smile:

Hey thanks for checking out my stuff.:smile: I like the background too.:bgrin: I owe that to the awesome smudging tool in Painter.:wgrin: Speaking of which… I should do a Jojo pic one of these days. It’s been a while.

Thanks u 2.:bgrin:

OO very nice pic there kiddo. Onlt thing i see is to watch your tangents. His cord on top of the red foreground hcaractewr and his yellow hair to the bg guys back elbow area.


lovin the style man. I’d say make the chain guy blurrier to go with the background so he looks like a giant in distance.

MC: what’s so bad about tangent guy? I know not to do it but is it because it connects overlapping elements too much? or that it doesn’t overlap so the illusion of depth isn’t there. Is it better to overlap or not have anything touching at all!?

Yeah dfist either overlap it or don’t. Tangent loses depth.

Yo welcome back Twelve. I was begining to wonder where you where at. This is an awesome peice and its the first time I’ve ever seen fanart of Donavan’s summons, so you get extra creativity points. Maybe its because I haven’t seen your work in awhile, but it seems like your colourz have gotten better. Im with everybody on the tones and lighting of the pic. The Dude in the the chain is my fav, I really like how he becomes one with the Bg.

Pete what the hell is a "hcaractewr "? lol, j/k.

hcaractewr= haute coutour?

I thought he was tryin to spell “character” but lost track of the home row keys.

Fawk yaeh mie speillg si all fof. mye badwyg. haha.

And yes it was meant to be character. Good job 12 didn’t mean to ruin your thread.

nice that reminds me of fable

Hahahaha Thanks all.:smile: Anyway I tried corrected the parts that SFMC highlighted… not so sure if I made it right… oh well… here it is anyway.:bgrin:


I’ll think about blurring the big guy… but at this moment I’m pretty lazy to tweak it up again. I’ll keep it in mind tho…

Fable? As in the comic fable? I used to read that.:bgrin: