Oh noes! Another noob

Hey there, people!

So, I recently picked up SSF4AE and I basically have to start from the very beginning. The tiny little bit of experience I had before with SF2 and SSF2 doesn’t amount to anything. After having a modicum of success with Soul Calibur 5 during the past year, I’ve worked up the courage to branch out into some fighting games.

Finding a main didn’t take long! Success against the AI at the easiest difficulty levels doesn’t mean much, no, but I got through the rival battle and final battle against Seth with Cammy a lot more easily than with any other characters I’ve tried. I absolutely couldn’t get past the rival battle with Juri on normal difficult, though, thanks mostly to my fumbling the controls like crazy. Executing those moves in the lab is one thing, in the heat of battle while your opponent is pressuring you is quite another matter… I almost had her once, I just needed to do my super, I did something wrong and instead got an enhanced cannon spike. Which totally whiffed and led to poor Cammy getting punished with Juri’s super… yay, go me. I know it’ll take time but I’m looking forward to getting to the point where I can concentrate more on choosing the right moves to beat my opponent rather than struggling with the controls and spamming the few moves I know I can really count on to go.

Hoping to learn a lot here meanwhile!

So…do you like, need help with something? The only thing I can tell you is that you are probably already doing too many spiral arrows. Every day 1 Cammy throws those like it’s a freaking birth right.

Not to scare you off but expect to get trash talked when you start winning. Cammy players are taking a lot of heat right now because of how good she is.

Also hit up the character sub-forums for tips and stuff. You probably don’t know this but we recently had a layout change here on this forum and it screwed up our icons so the combo threads most likely look like a hot mess right now. But try to soak up whatever knowledge you can. In the meantime welcome to the forums. It’s 3:30 am so i can’t think of anything else productive to say right now :stuck_out_tongue: just doing my usual late night lurking. I guess I’ll come back later

Umm… well, actually, no. I just thought I should introduce myself since I’d made an account here. I guess my biggest question right now is what I ought to be capable of in single-player before I try tangling with other human players online.

Why… yes! I do start spamming spiral arrows when things aren’t going my way. How did you know? :stuck_out_tongue: Though it doesn’t necessarily help. Hence what I said earlier about needing to become able to reliably execute a wider variety of moves.

I noticed some posts about that in the Cammy sub-forum. But, if I have to actually win first, I don’t think I’ll have to worry about that for a while. Maybe by that time some other character will be considered even worse. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the reply!

A good basic combo for Cammy is cr.lk cr.lp cr.mp xx hk spiral. You can anti-air with her DP, cl.hp, or far hk. Her best pokes are cr.mk, far hk, and maybe s.mk. You can buffer cr.mk into a spiral when you’re poking. If it whiffs, you get nothing and are safe. If they get hit, you get a nice knockdown.

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but… how do you cancel a move? Pull away from like you do to block after the move has started up?

You just sorta do the special move as fast as you can after you do the normal move. I’m sure you’ve seen a Ryu crouching medium kick into fireball, it’s just that.

Oh! That! I’ve accidentally done that lots of times. Is the advantage that it tricks your opponent or just how it changes the timing of the attack?

Are you from germany btw ( Der Lindwurm ?:P)
If so then I might be able to help you out with the most basic stuff. I am not that amazing with Cammy but I understand how to play her and I am not that terribad.
I play on PC and PS3.

GFWL: tariikz
Steam: tata533
PSN: tariikz

Haha, leider doch nicht. Richtiger Ami. Der trotzdem ein bisschen Deutsch kann da ich ein paar Jahre in Deutschland und Österreich verbracht habe.

I really appreciate that! I’m on Xbox 360, though. And at this point I’d probably just drive anyone who tried to train me totally insane with my horrible execution anyway. Something I’d definitely be interested in once I get better at linking and executing special moves.

Just one of the uses is that it lets you combo stuff you wouldn’t otherwise. Using Ryu again, you can’t do a crouching medium kick, let it finish, then do a fireball and have it combo. However you can cancel into the fireball from the medium kick and have it combo.

One of the first cool things you can do with canceling is “buffering.” I think someone else mentioned it already, but it’s basically doing the inputs for the crouch medium kick (or whatever move you want) and then the special move right away after, but at the distance just beyond where your first move hits. What happen is if you whiff the normal move, then nothing comes out after, since you can’t cancel normal moves if they miss, but if the opponent walks into the move, you’ll automatically cancel into it for a 2-hit combo. In short: Do the normal, buffer the special, if they walk into it you get a combo, if not then you don’t do the special move and you stay safe.

Do you play on a stick or pad?

I personally play on a stick, but it really doesn’t make much of a difference, pretty much anything you can do on a stick you can do on a regular controller.

I think I get it now, and was just a little misled by the term “cancel” since it seems from what you’re telling me (and from when I’ve done it on accident) that the move you cancel actually is completed before you do the move that you cancel it into. Does that buffering trick also work with enhanced specials? (Meaning you not only stay safe if the normal move misses, but save your meter?)

I use a stick.

Yeah it works the same way with EX moves, and you can even do it with supers if you’re fast enough with all the motions, although that’s pretty rare that the situation would come up.

No, actually the move is not completed, hence the term cancel. A cancel will interrupt the animation frames of a move to directly go into another.

But the canceled move still connects, right? It’s the animation after impact that gets canceled?

Correct. By canceling out of the recovery frames of a normal move, it allows the subsequent attack (normally a special or super) to connect when it otherwise would not be fast enough to.

Canceling is one of the staple mechanics in most 2D fighting games.

Makes sense now! But, with notation like this: cr.lk cr.lp cr.mp xx hk spiral

Does that mean cancel the medium punch into the heavy kick, or cancel the heavy kick into the spiral arrow?

Neither. It means to cancel the crouching medium punch into a heavy kick spiral arrow. Specials often have different properties