Oh..now i get why OG's hate new games


Because of the resources you have to manage.

In HF all you had to manage was your spacing and health.
Than ST added a super meter and some people hated it.
Than Alpha added guard meter, super meter etc
Third strike is just based around conserving your super for big damage.
And now in SF4 we have health, grey health, ex meter, super meter, and ultra meter.
As well as marvel 3 with Super meter, assists, red health, and x factor.

So I think that the difference between all of the old FG’s of the SF2 days and now are the resources you have to manage in modern games. This makes the newer games be more akin to starcraft than street fighter.

My 2 cents.

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And now in CVS2 on japanese PSN we’ve got 6 grooves! No thank you i’d rather play something with less resources like Hyper Fighting


Correlation does not equal causation.

Eh there is something to be said about a quality fighter with very little resources and just emphasis on knowing your character and player ability. Simple and sweet!

Blame game companies as of late. I’m sure many are under the impression that the masses wouldn’t notice or give their fighter a chance, if its not packed to the walls with gimmicks and other quirks to stand out and appear “deeper”. I guess you can’t blame them with the way the market has been saturated. Players in the commnutiy they’re trying to appeal to can only dedicate themselves to so many fighters at once also.


Resources like super meters that make the player need to make less decisions about how they are playing but rather how they manage their meter.


I turned on my Vita to play MK9 and I found out there was a punch AND a kick button! Fuck that. Shit’s too complex.


so it’s more like running a business than doing what you love? Fortunately, we love running these business’.


If that’s all you gathered from what I said than I guess that what you said is probably true.



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Mysterious lack of Marvel 2, baby.


No that was Schaffers excuse. Adding extra’s took away from the absolute sum of player vs player interaction. So the more bells and whistles you had, the less it was a player vs player game and the more it became character x vs character y.

Besides, there is more to it than that. One reason people completely ignore is the fact that people like what they know, and if said game is like game A, but has some differences in which they feel that it makes the game too “different” they won’t like it.

When SF5 comes out, the SF4 crowd is going to shit on it. Just like the SF2HF crowd shitted on Super, or the Super shitted on SF3, etc.


I forgot the site ;(


It has little to do with number of resources (Persona 4 Arena is a good “lots o’ bars” game) and way more to do with how shitty a game is (SFxT has lifebars and a super bar, and blows).


Doesn’t it hold some weight though? The more it is about having certain meters the less there is an emphasis on spacing and knowledge of your character.

I dont paticularly care to be an OG, I’m saying this is why I think they don’t like the new games, because its more about meter and less about interaction. Not everyone on SRK tries to please the illuminati for ecreddzz


There is a lot of merit to that statement. Im just saying its not as clear and cut for the majority of players, hence why I said Schaffer’s. And its true, any extra meters do subtract from other areas because meter makes that knowledge irrelevant. But good luck telling that to anybody, there seems to be some sort of denial that only adds to a character.


Do they have to like your games too? You don’t like their games!

OGs back then didn’t like games that weren’t theirs, and they did it face to face!


:eek: Wiz is the best tho.


OG’s hate new games because the games teach you how to play that game and that game alone, if we try and get new folks to go backwards they practically have to unlearn everything. Sure footsies / spacing are there but there’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much shit cluttering it.


I don’t really care either way. I’m just saying that this is the reason OG’s hate newer games, and like how some people said that new players skill can’t go back and be used in SF2 and the like.