Oh Say Can You See! Captain America video thread!



This will get an overhaul soon (but not that soon, things are crazy around black friday)

but here are a couple videos for now. matches incoming.

Oh Say Can You See, the MvC3 Captain America Video Thread

Well since this is the new thread. . . . I guess I’ll post this here lol These are some casuals from MLG Providence. Enjoy!


Here’s a video I made. It shows off some Captain tech involving specific THC setups.

What happens here, is after Hyper Charging Star you have enough time to THC. Frank West’s hyper OTGs, while Ryu’s holds in place long enough for you to get another Shield Slash into Hyper. Now obviously this uses all your meter and is pretty useless, but this is more to show what’s possible if you have an OTG hyper behind Captain. For example, if you have 3 meter you can follow a Hyper Charging Star with a 2 person THC, which will do damage equal to DHCing twice without screwing up your team order.



found this cap combo compilation on the front page the other day. pretty nice stuff. even has the x-factor cs infinite at the end. hehe


all old stuff. he prolly ripped all of those combos from these forums anyway


nice gameplay and final justice ender ken.


Hey guys, I won a UMvC3 tournament and here is some footage from the event! Please enjoy!





sick synergy all around with that team.
i like that “reset” you do at the end of a dropped cap combo, dudes was falling for that so free.


More footage!



Glad you’re keeping the videos coming ken! Nice work at that tournament!


A friend of mine posted this up. Thought I’d share it here as its been giving a lot of people trouble.



Old MvC3, but it’s leftover footage of my acquaintance’s matches from last month’s meet. You may remember him from the previous thread (dru).






Might have more later too. We had a UMvC3 tourney last week, but I don’t remember any Caps. Lots of Vergil and the inevitable Youtube whining about Vergil, though. :rofl:




2 of my matches from top 8. I had to run it back ALOT, so there’s gonna be more later today. ;3


More Videos



Figured I should post up this video since I’m not sure if everyone saw my previous post.

EDIT: I’ll be occasionally posting little tricks I pick up with the Captain America/Avengers theme teams on my channel.


I think there was another was another video where you can combo from Final Justice into Hyper Charging Star without x-factor. Timing is a bit tricky, but doable.

Shame it only works in the corner (but then again, most of Cap’s combos send anyone to the corner).


The HYPEST Money match EVER! Ken123103 vs Cheeseburger! Battle of the Captain America’s! Please enjoy!



did you guys see marn picking up the captain? what do you think of that? captain aMARNica?


Marn is a fraud. Do not ever take any lessons, notes, or combo’s from his cap. He sucks. He uses cap because he has easy mode combo’s and has an effective way of getting happy birthdays with charging star. I do not accept him as a Cap player.



I’m interested in seeing how Marn plays Cap (okay so I’m interested in watching how almost everyone plays him)…where is the video of Marn doing such a thing?



check the level up twitch stream.he used cap for both the Socal Regionals as well as the Showedown tournament.