Oh snap! DingDangDoom is makin "ayebaybay" avatars, dog. Lets get one!

So I made my first avatar today (the one im using now) and I decided that its doper than alot of these other whack avatars these fools are makin. So here’s the deal:


  2. Im using mspaint, so dont ask me to do a bunch of shit that cant be done on paint.

I got mad skills wit paint, so it should be all good. If you got an idea for an avatar, thats cool, but you should give me freedom to do my thang. It will be dope in its simplicity.

So lets do this…


At 0:10 and and up

i want a burning house wit ay bay bay

edit: did he die yet?

Can you remix my av with Draco saying ‘Ay bay bay?’


lmao can you make me one with urien saying that

Here you go Zulu:

And this one has white font:

Explore Gaurav Mistry

Here you go beatface:

And this one has different teeth:

Tapes. I dont know how to get audio or video onto my computer. If I could, I would burn cd’s, dog.

Word thanks for the funny ass av

Aye Bay Bay no more. He’s banned.

Awww, he was entertaining. :sad:

Probably someone’s second account anyways. :rofl:

good night sweet prince.

oh c’mon he was cool…why ban ??

I wanted an ayebaybay avater :rofl:

Sup dawgs!! I dont know who this DingDangDoom nigga is, but I can make dope ass avatars too! If y’all want some, you should tell me in this thread and I’ll make them and post them in this thread!!!

something tells me we haven’t see the last of little DingDong.

Oh wow…you made another account…how clever. It hasn’t been done like hundreds of times by other banned people. Geez your so smart. Enjoy your perm ban soon.