Oh those Oekakis

I just figured I’d post some of my favorite oekakis that I’ve done in the past in a single thread… Enjoy. =3

All of the following are original pics and aren’t actually based on anything, so try not to faint. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Time: 58 Minutes

Tools Used: ShiPainter

Just a random pic I thought I scribble. Feel free to watch the anim’. Not really much thought behind this, it was just an experimental lighting image. But, still… Hope it is liked anyway. wink & the gun

View the animation (IE: Watch me draw it) by clicking on the ‘View Animation’ link below the image here: http://www.planetzot.com/forums/oekaki/index.php?artist=Axel+Alloy


Homage to Stiny

Time: 36 Minutes

Tools Used: ShiPainter

I drew this today to test my pain threshold.

Just a random drawing I did as homage to one of my lovely birdies. Stiny, one of our Cockatiels to be exact.

( Yes, I know it doesn’t look quite like a Cockatiel, what with it having no ceres or anything, but I wanted to do something different. :3 )


Hound of Dreams

Time: 49 min - Minus a while due to cooking and eating.

Tools Used: ShiPainter

Something random to cheer myself up.



I did this oekaki in 24 minutes on Marriland Oekaki board. Only thing was, as soon as I submitted it, it got wiped…

I’m just glad I’m smart enough to have saved it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Vicious Majesty (Homage to Peter)

Time: 41m 21s (Minus a while due to tablet issues and eating. Had to finish using a touchpad mouse.)

Just because my first oekaki got wiped on the oekaki board I drew it on, I decided to do a similar one and thankfully, it didn’t get wiped this time.

This one also has another title. ‘Homage to Peter’. Kinda like my ‘Homage to Stiny’ one I did a while ago, but this time dedicated to my other bird, Peter.


Puteulanus Ignis

Time: 32m 34s (Minus a little while.)

No idea why, I just felt like doodling a fire bird. I always loved blue flames, so I decided to go with that.


Ruber Ignis

Time: 1h

Another little something. Although, I’m rather annoyed that my tablet died an interesting death today. I hate having to use touchpads. ;_;

The rest are fanart oekakis.



( Originally drawn on the 8th of July 2008. )

Time: 44 Minutes (Minus half an hour or so due to computer issues.)

Just something I did randomly really. ^^;

I love Starscream’s eyes… melts


The Kids

Time: 160 Mins.

OK. The timer is WAAAY off yet again for two reasons.

* One - I was busy doing other things on other sites as breaks.
* Two - I found one of my birds dead in his cage. :(

So, this is dedicated to him. RIP Moth. :frowning:

For those who are not familiar with the characters…

Comet, Cobalt and Sirius. The three older Children of Starscream and Rachel.

Cobalt is the only male child so far, as Comet & Sirius are both female. The baby, Astrum Star IV, has still not been figured out yet, as to whether its a boy or a girl.

Cobalt is the eldest, followed by his sister Comet, then Sirius and finally Astrum Star IV. (Not pictured)


Fluster Fly

Time: 17m 32s

I thought I’d do a quick doodle of one of my favorite Doonys, Fluster Fly.

Doonys & Fluster Fly RDS

Art Axel Alloy

great job

Thank you. :slight_smile: I know they are only doodles, but I still rather like them. Lol.

Homage to Stiny is very pretty.

Thank you muchly. :slight_smile:

Amazing as always. :tup:

Wow, you’ve got some lovely stuff there. Especially like Puteulanus Ignis and Starscream ones.