Ohayocon 8 - Jan 4,5,6 2008 - Columbus Oh - HELP WANTED

Greetings, I’m Paul Soth and I’m the new Director of Tournaments at Ohayocon, being held from January 4th to the 6th in Columbus, Ohio. Ever since we started a dedicated Tournament room back in '06, the events have been getting bigger and just plain more insane. With '08, we could be looking at some serious expansion to the department. In other words, more room and more games. I’m working on the event card right now, but you can be sure to see SF3TS, SSB Melee and Brawl, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core, SC3, Mario Kart, the latest import Naruto, and CvS2 are in for sure. Also it’s whatever I can get my hands on for the convention along with anything else that may come out by the end of the year and I hear enough requests for.

Okay, now here’s the thing: since the department is looking at some expansion, I need some extra hands and mouths to run this part of the show. With the way things are shaping up, I figure I may need two more people to help me out. So, this is what I need from anyone interested:

Ohio resident or reasonably close.
Knowledge of tournament rules of the more popular games (banned characters, moves, etc.)
Able seed tournaments and set-up ladders.
MC skills.

I want to point out that last one since I’ll need people who can work and control a crowd. This includes keeping them amused, settling disputes, and making sure that the spectators don’t riot. And that last one isn’t a joke. After someone cheesed their way to the Naruto 4 finals with Tamari’s juggling to the point that someone ran up and shut off the machine, I’m not taking chances.

And yeah, if you join the staff, you get in the convention for free.

So anyway, feel free to ask questions, make suggestions and requests, and think about the offer.

what kind of prizes are there for theres games?

Free admission to '09 is a given, along with a chance to get lifetime membership. We’re also building up a prize pool and we should have gift certificates to the good sized dealer’s room.

I see. Im in ohio now, but after xmas or so, I’ll be gone for good. I would consider coming back, and Ive never made it out to an ohayocon, but my interest in anime is waning. I’ll check back to see how the gift certificate thing develops, to entice me to come out, but I would definately be a good candidate for the tourney stuff if I come. Ive run tourneys before, seeded and everything, and Ive been the liason to anime con tourneys before, basically the same thing your asking, so its a possibility.
Either way good luck.