Ohio April 19th tournament results

HEY GUYS !!! Thanks for all who came!! I just would like to congratulate *****MGEAR*******For beating **DARKKNIGHT to become Big City’s Ohio grand SF4 Champion!!!

GOOD JOB BRO !!!went from loosers bracket all the way to the Finals!!to win it all!!


Thanks again for everyone that came see you guys in May I hope

hey that was fun. sorry columbus aint hype, but i’ll definitely be at the next one. now i’m gonna go watch my jackie chan dvd i won.

oh yeah and definitely hook us up with some sound next time even if its low or on a regular tv :slight_smile:

Other than the projector situation, everything was great. The raffles were also pretty cool. BTW, did you post fliers around central Ohio? I was surprised the tournament was only 12 people.

Nice job snake.

Sounded like fun, I was dissapointed I had to miss it.

Just keep us updated on when the next one is and we’ll get more people each time.

I know there are a lot of people who were interested that couldn’t make it, so I’m sure we could easily get 20-30 people there if we keep on it. That would be a good start.

I didn’t know anything about this? When is the next one?

According to their wesbite, the next one is on may 23rd.