Ohio Mid Noon Results!


2nd-Julian Custard…MI


1st-Premium G…OH
2nd-Julian Custard…MI


2nd-300lb Eugene…kY




1st-Final Showdown…MI


First place Killas…VDO and Massu…MI

there were also tournies in VF4,Tag,T4,SC2…However I didnt run these…they will appear soon

since i only entered cvs2 singles because i had a graduation party to make that night (4 hours back home that is), i’ll write some more on that.

CVS2- 24 Entrants

1st- Daniel Cayse “popoblo” (KY), mainly A-blanka/sakura/r2 bison, with some A-eagle also (and some losing C-groove teams)

2nd- Julian Custard (MI), some combination of C-vega/yamazaki/geese/bison/sagat

3rd- Juan “VDO” (MI), some combination of P-raiden/zangief/joe/kyo/haohmaru

4th- Corey (MI), some combination of K-kim/chun li/sagat/yamazaki

5th- Massu (MI), P-joe/yamazaki/r2 iori (i think)

7th- Bhaskar “cheese_master” (MI), C-ken/rolento/r2 sagat

7th- Chris Rose “SSJGogeta” (OH), A-cammy/sakura/r2 blanka

i’m guessing chris and bhaskar tied for 7th, but i’m not really sure.

-I won the winners finals 3-0 against julian
-Julian eliminated VDO in the losers finals 3-1 or 3-2 (i forget)
-After going down 3-1 in the grand finals, i come back to win 3 straight with A-blanka/sakura/r2 bison to win the tourney, 4-3

i had a really good time at the tourney, and it sucks i couldn’t stay longer but i promised my friend i’d be there at 8 for his party(even though i got there at 10:30, oops) and i would’ve gotten owned in mvc2 and 3S. it was really nice to finally meet obot64, and to see a whole bunch of old friends, including fugi, david (ghettoontherise), brent, jason (zeidust), bhaskar, juan (VDO), julian, TAZ (!), eugene, moses, corey, ryan (infantry), chris rose, clayton (finalshowdown), mycah, and many many others.

sorry to mycah for not giving you that $10, but i honestly just don’t know if i’ll be to another tourney considering i’m hanging up fighting games after evo. i might pop up at a tourney here or there, but it’s not very likely.

big thanks to fugi for giving me a place to stay friday night in columbus (thus making my driving on saturday a whole lot easier) AND running cvs2 with mycah. you knew i had to leave early, so you did your best to get cvs2 done quickly, and i appreciate that.

sucks i couldn’t stay around and play more casual in cvs2 with VDO, julian, massu, bhaskar, corey, and the other MI guys.


PS- it’ll be a crime if my set against VDO or the finals with julian aren’t posted up somewhere. obot and the other guy with the camera, HOOK IT UP.

EDIT- taz is a beast in mvc2, i’m not surprised that he got 1st, and hopefully he used the “real” MSP- mag/SENT/psylocke:D

Well first of all I wanna give mad props to Fugi, Waster, Mycah, and anyone else that lended a hand.

I had a blast at this tourney. Got to meet a lot of people too. Me, Obot, and Cheesemaster had our own lil 3-man casual cvs2 station goin on lol. Ya’ll some pretty chill dudes hit me up on aim at Saitoh 2003. Obot, I’ll get you that footage I took.

I kept my streak of drawing Detriot first round in cvs2 and got my ass whupped as usual lol. At least I won 1 game against Julian, but he probably just felt sorry for me haha.

Got a lot of casual play in which is always fun. Oh congrats to popo for winning it all, I think between me and obot we got most of the finals in cvs2.

Probably the most fun was towards the end of the night. I feel sorry for those that left early. It all started with Mycah, Waster, and Raph talkin mad shit lol. Things were gettin wild, Raph busted out freestylin at one point too haha. That remixed CvS2 that VDO brought was perfect for it. Anyways, what happened due to all the shit talkin was a “Best of Cleveland” cvs2 tournament. I doubt anyone cares but here’s the results anyway:

Cleveland CvS2

1st: Nash
2nd: Mark Lengel
3rd: nomrah

That tourney took wayyyy too long. We pretty much stayed at the playcafe till they kicked us out lol.

Oh :smiley: I’d like to mention that Mycah came in Dead Last lol. Man those guys were rubbin that in like crazy last night haha.

Anyways, I hope everyone had a good a time as me. Oh good seeing saz, firemonkey, omar, and the rest of the cleveland crew again. I wish I wasn’t so god damn busy so I could make it out to fight night.

Well, here’s to having another tourney real soon, hopefully there won’t be another 9 month gap like this one haha. Later.

  • Harmon

This tournament was a lot of fun and I’m really glad I attended. It was a chance to hook up yet again with some old friends and meet some new ones. :slight_smile:

I’m sure this all will be posted soon, but big congrats to our (Fort Wayne’s) man Milan for cracking some fools en route to winning Tekken Tag Tournament.

Daniel - You looked pretty tough last night, so we’ll see what happens for you at Evolution. Best of luck to you! Oh, and I think my Nakoruru had you more scared than Vega this time. :cool:

VDO - Thanks for letting us grab a copy of your CvS2 edit. We’ll certainly spread that around to all of our members. And why you gotta dodge my P groove? It’s like you’re the real life S groove or something. :lol: :smiley:

Clayton - Can’t wait to see the Pikachu pic with Dave and I appear on your web photo album. Heh. Congrats on the awesome #R victory, although I hear you were using some glitches and crap. What’s up with that? :wink:

Fugi - I can see some slight improvements for me in MK. If Kung Lao can now regularly take 1 out of 3 rounds off you in a fight, I’m certainly afraid to see how Stryker would dominate that weirdo Kabal. :evil:

Danny - Alright Premium, hand over my 3S cash. Hahahaha. That’s why I had to do get dirty like that at SSF2T.

Obot64 - I’m glad we got to meet, sad we didn’t get to play, but it’ll happen someday surely. I’ll get in touch with you sometime on AOL.

Infantry - Like I said before leaving, I’ve sure heard the name from Daniel and Fugi, so it was real cool meeting up. I just hope you can get that controller port problem figured out. That’s tough on us P groovers. Hehe.

Hmmm, too many people to write too. Maybe more later.

Lol thanks… Acctualy though I honestly(at least tournment wise) didnt use any bugs in the tournment besides cross up bug I think a total of 3 times. I woulda went for some other stuff, but my execution was semi off on some things, and well I decided to better just be safe then sorry and run away like a mother fucker for most of the tournment and bait mistakes etc yadda yadda.

Anywho I shall write some more later but right now im hella tired… But yea im uploading those pics so expect those in not toooo long.

Congrats to MI playaz…:cool:

(evil laughs)

Congradulations to ALL of the Michigan crew. You’ve all done extraordinary. I now grant you all with, eternal life. (evil laughs)

VDO and MASSU, I knew y’all would get 1st. place in Halo. Once again, congradulations.

Does anyone know the VF result?

Awesome job FS, congrats.:slight_smile:

Thanks, but it honestly wasnt anything to spectacular… Again im still pretty tired etc from a long ass day yesterday so im gonna write the log crap tommorow… for now here are the pics…













The rest of the pics arent fulling uploaded yet so just copy and paste for these…





oh wait… i never did get to pinch his nipples!! Grrr. snaps fingers

anyway thats all for now

Dam Clayton…your brave going around town in that outfit…even for fun. In the neighborhood I’m in (Detroit) you’d be killed and eaten.:smiley:

i showed up during the cvs2 part and this being the first tournament i ve gone to i must say it was pretty damn fun. it was a very welcome change to play other people and not the parma crew for once.

i did enter the 3s tourney and got wasted by taz in the first round lol. that was a fun lesson in the life of 3s. jose from cbus lay waste to me in the losers, i gotta come down to play you guys in the future.

overall, we need to have a few more of these things in cleveland, the turn out i thought was pretty good, more than last time as nomrah told me.

Good job, Taz :cool:


damn clayton, you better bring that pimpin pika coat to evo

Wow thats was the most fun I had in a long time. Thanks everyone for comin out. And thanks to fugi and everyone else that helped cause I couldn’t do this shit by myself and shit. Props to the winners and…shit thats bout it.

CVS2- 24 Entrants

4th- Massu (MI), P-joe/yamazaki/r2 iori (i think)

5th- Corey (MI), some combination of K-kim/chun li/sagat/yamaza

How did I get pushed back to 5th ??? I beat Massu and then lost to VDO, just before you beat him out. Just wanted to set the record strait.

Well although the reload tourny was a tad lop sided and unclimatic it happens. Unfortante more people didnt enter(i was hopeing i could convice some people like alex or matt to enter but guess they didnt want to),just unlucky chicago and pitts more or less cancled in 48 hours. But what can ya do sometimes? Best match of the tourny would have to be bhaskar vs kevin, it was intresting to see who would fuck up the least which basicly made it dramatic. lol

Well special thanks go to Fuji and Turn waster for helping to run tournments(This goes for anyone else as well that helped)thanks for being cool and well yea for running the tournments. Also thanks to turn waster(at least i belive it was him)that paied bhaksar money out of his own pocket beacuse of that whole gay mycha sitution…

I dunno, I wanna assume the best of people a lot of times, but its hard to i guess. I will just say shit happens and maybe it was a mistake shrug.

I thought you were gonna play zappa!!! lol oh well. Anyway see you at evo dude. And it was nice to meet those freinds of yours and see rob again etc. We will go to qsl next time!

Nice to see you again, sucks we got lost on way home =[, But im sure we wil get to play again some other time.

Fort wayne guys…
Nice to see you all again.

good job on cvs2

Other michigan guys, nice to see you all again, and good job to well basicly everyone since more or less seemed like michigan more or less just about one most the tournments or placed top 3. So thats good.

Special thanks to corey for driving me bhaskar scott and brian as well. Sorry that i say gay so much. But i just cant help it!! lol Anyway yea next time if for some reason there is a tourny on tuesday we will deff do LORD OF THE WINGS cuz dude i could totaly eat waaaaay more then i did. Also i think bhaskar got a under cooked wing =p. And yea scott thanks for the CDs etc, i shall pay you back or something next time i see you. I just really am low on money and stuff cuz of evo.

Oh yea NO PROPS to all the no girls that showed up!!! There shoulda been way more girls. There is something wrong when you can freely walk into a girls room beacuse there is so little.

Also that one girl with blonde hair that looked good from a distance sucks cuz she left and i didnt get to check her out enough, and yea fuck that girl in the parking lot for going to her car cuz i couldnt get a good luck at her ethier. >=[. More hot girls need to play games. =[

Oh and fuck my arcade stick for breaking 2 months ago or else I probably woulda enterd ST(and maybe even cvs2 if I was feeling lazy enough). Oh well…

Anyway im lazy and crap and dont want to type anymore, so thats all i guess…

Im sure i forgot people so basicly just thanks to more or less everyone.

Are you new??? eat more wings then me!!!

how many people were in each tourny?