Ohio Midwest Classic GGXXSlash $100+ Pot Bonus TOURNAMENT 5/27/06

The Ohio State University
(The Math Building)
209 W 18th Ave
Columbus, OH 43210-1007
Click me for Map / Address / Picture of Building

Click me for Map


If you are in need of FREE Housing, Please Contact SH_ (Sean) his AIM is thought84
His place is primarly for Out of Towners who are coming in a day early. etc.

I may be able to house some people.

Nearest and Cheapest is

Holiday Inn on the Lane
(614) 294-4848
(614) 294-3390
328 W Lane Ave
Columbus, OH 43201

This is within Walking Distance (5-10min) of the Tourney Site.
PM ME if you need my Cellphone number incase you get lost walking to the Tourney Site.

There is no discount sorry.

Saturday May 27th, 2006.

Guilty Gear XX Slash Tournament

3on3 Team Tournament (+100$ Pot Bonus and might be even bigger!)
Basic Rules of a GG.
Rules: No Char Switching, No Order Switching, Same Char Allowed.
$10 Entry Fee

1on1 Singles Tournament
Basic Rules of GG
$10 Entry Fee

3rd Strike
10$ Entry Fee
Run by Kenji’s Friend (Gamestop)


Saturday May 27th:

11AM: Setup

12Noon: Freeplay / Signup for TEAMS (3on3) +100$ Pot Bonus
3on3 Rules:
No Character Switching, No Order Switching, Same Character Teams Allowed.
10$ Per Person Entry.

1PM SHARP (or flat :P) : Team Tourney STARTS
Free Fried Chicken Served for Lunch. (limited quantity)

3PM Signup for 1v1 Singles

4PM 1v1 Singles START

10PM Clean Up, After Tourney Dinner Party at QSL (Wings place) Ask people for rides.

J1N Style Pools
Example lets say 32 people enter a tournament

You have 8 Pools of 4 people. Each Pool does Round Robin.

2 Best from the Pool moves on to Winners
2 Worst from the Pool moves on to Losers

Then you now have 4 pools of 4 people each in Winners
and 4 Pools of 4 People each in Losers.
(32 total)

Best 2 From the Winner Pool moves on.
Worst 2 From Winners Pool Goes To losers.

Best 2 From Losers Pool go on and Fight Worst 2 from Winners Pool.
Worst 2 From losers Pool Are Eliminated.

Then you now have 2 Pools of 4 People in the Winners
and 2 Pools of 4 People in the Losers.
(16 Total)

Best 2 From the Winner Pool moves on.
Worst 2 From Winners Pool Goes To losers.

Best 2 From Losers Pool go on and Fight Worst 2 from Winners Pool.
Worst 2 From losers Pool Are Eliminated.

Then you now have 1 Pool of 4 People in Winners
and 1 Pool of 4 People in Losers
(8 Total)

Best 2 From the Winner Pool moves on.
Worst 2 From Winners Pool Goes To losers.

Best 2 From Losers Pool go on and Fight Worst 2 from Winners Pool.
Worst 2 From losers Pool Are Eliminated.

Then you now have 1 Final Pool of 4 people
(4 Total)

Best 2 from the Pool move onto a Grand Final
Worst 2 Battle for 3rd Place.

Who: (Chi/Ne/Mo/Oh/Pa/MD/more!)
People who say they want to come

  1. Me (jin), Ohio
  2. KBnova (Kenji), Ohio
  3. SH_ , Ohio
  4. Serious Face, Ohio
  5. Kevin, Ohio
  6. Hukebine , Ohio
  7. FinalShowdown (Clayton), Michigan
  8. Elvenshadow (bozac), Chicago
  9. Juicy G , Chicago
  10. Ukyo Tachibana, Chicago
  11. AKA, STL
  12. 722, STL
  13. Cue, Nebraska
  14. Yooyoung, Nebraska (?)
  15. Keith, Nebraska
  16. Jamar, Nebraska
  17. Nappy Jin, Wisconson
  18. Malik, Pittsburgh
  19. Jais, Kentucky
  20. Carrie, Kentucky
  21. 9999hp, Kentucy
  22. Ryan-Bill, Kentucky
  23. SuperFX, STL
  24. Hukebine’s friend #1, Ohio (dont know their names)
  25. Hukebine’s Friend #2, Ohio
  26. Hukebein’s Friend #3, Ohio
  27. Andre -silent shade, MD
  28. Cuervo, PA
  29. Jamie Austin , EC
  30. Tritone , MD
  31. Shazay, MD
  32. Medicine Melancholy, MD
  33. Romantic Crush, OH
  34. Jake ‘Toiyet’ P , PA (maybe coming)
  35. Ami zeldaleft, PA (maybe coming)
  36. Guymelef, PA (maybe coming)
  37. Bobwashington , Chicago
  38. Prucha Blacksnake , Chicago
  39. Jesse Jesus. Chicago
  40. Drgn Eclair, Seattle !!! wowowo
  41. Veteru, Seattle
  42. Adam , VA
  43. BoF / PWS , NC (Still Iffy, they might not come and go to anime con instead weak!)

If you love Guilty Gear, then why not come play some of the best players in America?

Car or Plane

Dust Loop Thread:

Argh im really iffy on this whole diff way of doing brackets thing… So no comment on that…

Other then that, my freind aj said he should be going… so add him to the list.

I am so gawd damn horrny time for some video game chicks right now…

don’t make send you some REAL chicks again…

lol George and Clayton should battle first round to see which is better, anime chicks or Real females.

wtf dont act like you never get boners from fake stuff…

same characters should not be allowed for teams. Sure you could have some “fun” teams that way. But it also makes it “fake”.

Also look a real girl! [media=youtube]yLADMudbzMs&search=aya%20ueto[/media]

So whats the deal with the chipp bug for the tourny? Reset the game if someone does it? Or just let it stand? Seems like going out of a way a lot, but techinquly I guess you shouldnt let one player be punished for something some other guy did in another match.

So, who’s picking me up from the airport if i come? :smiley:

Will there be casuals in any other fighting game take place?

why not throw in 3S, cvs2, and mvc2? you don’t have to throw in a million other games, just the 3 main capcom ones and you might get some more people. i know i’d bring some KY guys up for sure if you did. plus i’m sure the nebraska guys always love a chance to play 3S.

I dunno if I posted this elsewhere or not,

but I don’t have anything for Capcom stuff. All I have is Our Setup for Guilty Gear.

If there are Capcom people who wanna use any extra space and provide their Own TV’s and Game setup, Then thats totally fine to have 3rd Strike and stuff.

There are 3 things wrong with this…

1.) It’s not a “classic” because it’s the first tournament of this sort.
2.) There’s only GG.
3.) You guys are trying to overthrow one of the oldest tournaments to date, ECC… How do you guys expect a lot of showing other than Midwest?

1.) It is a Classic kthx, this is our 6th Tournament, 2nd one with a Pot Bonus reaching $100+. Our Tournament has the History of also running the first #Reload Tournament in America. There is alot of history in our tournament, such as this was AKA’s First Tournament ever in Guilty Gear. You just never cared to pay attention, come, or anything of the sort. Even though according to your own self-praised skills you would have won “Free Money” Thank You.

2.) So? This tourney is for GG players, who make GG their main game.

3.) Shrug / Sigh / Forrest , Its an alternative for GG players who dont wanna make it out to a Sunday GG Tourney not trying to Overthrow anything most of the people coming werent going to ECC anyway, We already have some people coming from not just the Midwest, Seattle has their tickets booked, a couple NY has their tickets Booked, MD is coming from the east, and even if all those people did cancel, it would still be a fun event, What are you trying to say?

Free money for Chaz THE 4TH BEASTMEN. =X

allright, Kenji’s Friend from Gamestop will be running a 3rd Strike Tournament, they’ll have their own TV’s and PS2’s as well.

So, If you wanna play 3rd Strike, it will be there :slight_smile:

I’ll try to go to this now that it has 3s. I like GG and all but I haven’t been playing very long so I didn’t thing it would be worth going to Ohio just for that. But now, I might have to visit my aunt in colorado that weekend so Idk if I’ll be able to go anyway but shit, i’ll try.

It’s not like I’m really needed to show up but I just wanna get better at 3s, so I’ll try to make it.

Whats this I hear about that snugga kyohei going to this?..

Yeah he’s coming with the NY/NJ crew

this tourny is looking to be quite a bit bigger then I anticapated…