Ohio Monthly tourneys

I just wanted to introduce myself , I am Paul CEO of Big City tourneys in Ohio I hold monthly tournaments for Madden, SF4, ROCKBAND, 2K9.

I’ve been doing this about 2 yrs (mostly Madden) I am named the number 4th place in the Nation in hold tourneys in Ohio.

I am a big SF fan and play if often,I am holding my very first SF4 tourney this Sunday April 19th at 12:30 at our sponsors facility Rush creek Sports bar & grill which is open to all.

I know most of you are thinking “oh whos this guy some joker thinking he can runs tourneys” and I totally respect that b/c I am new to your scene.But all I ask is you come check us out one time before you judge.Let me show you guys (SF community)
That I know what I am doing and I’m very willing to take suggestions to make it better for YOU!

I have setup the rules to my tourney on this link :http://www.bigcitytourney.com/strf.html along with the address to Rush creek
Players can use their custom joysticks or controllers.

There will be a 10$ entry fee
Double elimination
4/5 rounds (so double your chances double your time)
Guys can you use same char vs same char

You can choose a new character once you have lost , you MUST use same char if you win.

99 second rounds
No handicap
Winner gets 60% of the pot
2nd get 30%
10% goes to venue

I hope to meet all of you SF legends!
Please give me your feedback we are more then willing to change things around to try to please the majority of you lol :slight_smile:

Thanks alot guys

Big City P

personally I’d rather have it 2 out of 3 games 2/3 rounds instead of single games 4/5 rounds but I’m fine with how it is. $10 is a good price since it was $25 before?

Me and some friends are thinking about going. Though, we all play on PS3’s and don’t really have the cash to drop on 360 sticks so… not sure how we’ll manage yet. :confused:

I’ll try to make it. Thank god it’s on 360, too!

4/5 rounds will take foreeeeeeeeever double elim, and nobody plays like that anyway, I’d advise just keeping 2/3 too.

Also tourneys usually just do a venue fee and let the players split the pot 70/20/10. I can’t think of any places that take a venue fee + part of the pot.

Sorry to offer the nitpicks first – it’s very good for the scene to have new people involve willing to run stuff, glad you posted, and your other rules are fair and dead on. SFIV is pretty big so this is a good idea to do, hope it works out for you and the staff. Hopefully this kind of thing will attract new people too, since it’s focused solely on SFIV and not a bunch of other games the average person doesn’t know about

Do you mean 4/7? Best of 4/5 rounds doesn’t make much sense. Anyway, I’ll probably be there.

I think he meant best 3/5 now that I think about it.

I reread the rules. So it’s single game and you have to keep the same character throughout the bracket? So you can only change character if you got sent to losers bracket? Usually you’re only force to keep the same character if it’s 2/3 games per match. It’s to avoid any double counter character matchups.

I will be there

This is so much better than the last two threads made by this account. Is someone else using the account now?

Also Ghaleon, since there is no venue fee (there isn’t right?) you can think of it as a $1 venue fee and a $9 tourny cost (10% etc. etc.).

No longer being a fan of SFIV there was no way I was going to come out for the $25 fee, but since its $10 now I think I will play!


Sup Ed! this is henry lol. i’ll be there with few of my buddies. it’s gonna be pretty decent tourney. hopefully there will be a large turnout, even if the notice is kinda short.

You guys voiced your opinion , we heard Players will play 2/3 rounds like a normal game, and the championship game will be 4/5 round

Yes you can bring your own controller and yes their is a venue fee sorry it does cost money to get this place wait until you see it :slight_smile:

Fyi there is a Rockband tourney going on as well on another Tv if you guys know how to rock out check website if any of you are interested.

This should be alot of fun guys and remember keep us on your radar we will be doing this every month!! Thanks boys


  1. It’s Rush Creek and not Hooters, right?

  2. If it’s Rush Creek, is the food any good?

  3. If it’s Hooters, you wanna give me her digits?

u guys crack me up , lol did u checkout the website man? the website says its at RUSHCREEK lol not hooters , we use to hold them at Hooters but we out grew them so we had to move to a much bigger place.

Come judge the food for yourself man see you sunday i hope :slight_smile:

Cross-posting from the Columbus thread.

Does anyone need a ride for tomorrow’s tourney? I’m coming from Newark (40 minutes outside of Columbus), and I’ll be traveling on 16, 37, and 161.

Hold on! You wouldn’t happen to be the same JimSensei from MGO, would you?

Call 614 893 8976 (day of tourney)if any of you need directions as well

so the venue fee is the 10% from the pot or an extra one? sorry if i didn’t read good. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I am.

EDIT: So the tournament was today. 12 people showed up. It was pretty fun, and the comp was pretty good for the area.

Some suggestions, though;

-Use standard TVs. The projection screens made it difficult to play, both due to delay and the fact that the screen was so far away.
-Unmute the game. It was hard to play without sound.
-Rock Band 2. It was frustrating having to hear a 12 year old’s rendition of “All The Small Things” blaring in my ear as I was playing my match.

Besides that it was a pretty fun event. A lot of us intend to continue supporting the tournament, so keep them coming and we’ll do our best to spread the word.

Congrats to MGear and Dark Knight!

Definitely agree with the projector lag. Other than that, it was a fun event. If you can figure out some dual video output thing so we have a tv for the players to play on w/o lag and then the projector for the audience, that would be ideal. If you can only have one or the other, it’t probably be best to go with the TV.

Also, in the future you might wanna use this:

to make things run smoother.

Thanks for running the tourney for us and congrats to MGear!

You got it boys! I will work on these suggestions for sure and our next one will be much better due to these.

We are always looking for ways to make it better for all of you and no worries no more rockband on SF4 days lol

See you in May!