Ohio players and tourments where you at?

Hello from a small city in toledo.Videogame scene is not big here.So im looking for people to play.Tourments to go to?I heard that one of the best acrade places was in ohio but i dont know where?could someone shed some light on me please.O yeah and i looked in the tourment fourm and everthing either old and far away place and date.Also Michagan im down for 2

Urban Wolf: Go 2 the Cincinnati/Dayton/NKY thread, the Columbus thread, or the Cleveland thread here on SRK. A lot of times u’ll see talk about tournaments in Ohio on these threads. :tup:

Also, the arcade ur talking about in Ohio is in Cincinnati. It’s called Arcade Legacy. They’ve been doing Ranbat tournaments every three weeks, so go 2 the Tournament Events section of the forums & look 4 that as well my good sir. :tup:

Toledo? I think Canton might be the closest to your area Wolf.