OHIO SHOWDOWN!: MARCH 11th, 2006 Toledo, Ohio

Date: March 11th
Where: Toledo, Ohio
Location: Miscues Billiards and Darts, 1720 South Reynolds RD
Venue Fee:
Entry Fees:
$20 Dead or Alive 4
$10 MvC2, CvS2, 3rd Strike, Tekken 5, Soul Calibur 3

Start Times:
Registration 12:00 - 1:00pm EST

Tournament 2:00pm EST

All Games will be ran with the standard 2/3 Double Elimination bracket format.

Need people to bring PS2’s, DCs for T5, Sc3, SF3S, CVS2, and MVC2.

For anymore questions you can my cell number: 419 514 2468
For directions to the Venue you can call the Venue: 419 865 3792

I will do my best to get ann arbor and hopefully the rest of MI out there.

so…who all is going to this to play cvs2? please post.

do you expect more than 8-10 people for any game that isn’t doa4?

hmmm…bad date some tourny called e11 will be goin on at the same time…id love to go there for some 3s action but ill be in iowa

I can probably come on account of Toledo being convenient – I’ll try to round up some of the regular C-bus crew.

$20 for DoA? Not that I play anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you post when each tourney is being played? I kinda doubt all will be able to be played at once.

i’ll be in the bahamas for spring break on this date. everyone have a good time and be on the lookout for the KY tourney coming soon…

I’d love to go, but that’s a bad date for me as well.

all tourneys will begin at 2 pm

Will any Budokai 3 be there just for fun?

personaly I dont understand why you dont have GG at the tourny considering its one of the biggest places in the MW for it.

Is there any Capcom interest in this? If nobody’s really going for 3s/Marvel I’m gonna have to bow out. I’m definitely up for money matches in either if anyone is down.

edit: I’d agree with dialup and say I bet there’s more GG players than at least DOA4/SC3 out there right now. (Not counting the button-masher crowd of 3-D-dom)

I’m down for Budokai 3. Hopefully that will show up.

I didn’t really know GGX was big on the Midwest ignorance on my part sorry. Hmmm If people come and can provide a copy of GGX then I will hold it if people show up for it.

Also Ghaleon I am expecting atleast 30 DOA Players alone to make it to this tournament.

Well yeah, cos the pot is 2x every other game and it’s brand new :stuck_out_tongue: I doubt all those people even have a 360.

But not trying to make trouble, I just wish the focus was more 2-D. Good luck w/ your tourney.

If you have at least 5 people for CvS2 I may come down…

I’m sure there will be more then 5 people for cvs2

This tourny < Cleveland’s Worst Tournys.

Bad date with the jacked name is just the beginning…

Now knocking you but try again.