OHN6 - Australian Championships: 29-30 Sept 2007

The OzHadou Nationals are Australia’s largest fighting game tournament, held annually in Sydney. OHN is organised by OzHadou and the Australian fighting game community, in association with the Electronic Gamers Guild (EGG) at UTS.

This year OHN is being held on 29th-30th Sept, primarily because of Australia’s participation in SBO in August, and also to avoid clashing with EVO.

OHN6 will be held in the Glasshouse Bar in the UTS Tower building, Sydney. The official tournament games are:[list][]SF3: 3rd Strike (Arcade)
]Tekken 5: DR (PS3)
[]ST (Arcade)
]Tekken Tag (PS2)
[]MvC2 (Arcade)
]VF5 (PS3)
[]CvS2 (DC)
]SFA2 (Arcade)[/list]We also expect a number of side tourneys will be running as part of our BYOC area.

For full details about OHN6, visit the OHN6 website, and check out the OHN forums for discussion about the event.