OHN7 - Sydney, Australia - Dec 6-7 2008

The OzHadou Nationals are Australia’s largest annual fighting game tournament. The next installment, OHN7, will be taking place in Sydney on the 6th-7th of December.

Organised and sponsored by OzHadou, in association with the Electronic Gamers Guild, OHN7 is the largest fighting game event in Australia. OHN offers a unique combination of tournament and casual play for both arcade and console fighting games.

Glasshouse Bar, UTS, Sydney, Australia: Google Maps.

The official tournament games are:[list][]Street Fighter IV
]Tekken 6
[]Super Street Fighter II Turbo
]Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
[]Soul Calibur 4
]Capcom vs SNK 2
[]Marvel vs Capcom 2
]Street Fighter Alpha 2[/list]Additional side tourneys will also take place for several games, including HD Remix (if the game is out in time!).

Venue Entry Fee
Venue entry is $40 AUD for the entire weekend. You can save $10 AUD by prepaying before December 1st 2008. Venue entry gets you unlimited casual play on all cabinets and consoles.

Tournaments Fees, Rules, Registration, etc
All other details can be found at the official OHN7 website.

Final Note
If anyone has any queries or comments, please direct them towards me over at the OzHadou forums. I’m unlikely to check in on this thread, so its purpose is to try and catch any Aussies that haven’t yet discovered OzHadou, as well as any international players that might like to combine a summer visit to Sydney with some fighting game tournament fun.