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good shit ohyao.

“Fighting K groove without any super is like going into a sword fight with a pencil and some neon green biker shorts.”

Awesome awesome
Planning on coming back to Norcal anytime soon?

just watch, tons of people are gonna gawk at yuki during evo.

I think you only keeping them for yourself :rofl:. Who’s the perv now eh? :lol:

Ohyao, is Yuki single?

Speaking of blogs, BAS’s Xanga says he’s invented a new Bison CC that does more than 11k without comboing into it. Any ideas what it is?

Yuki is takin’ by Ohyao (#1 Japanese multi-game player). Kim challenged Ohyao to a Cvs2 match to win over Yuki. Ohyao accept the challenge. Kim flyin’ around like a monkey with 5% life left Rolento . Ohyao anticipate the timer will kill him so he walk away from the machine with 5 seconds to spare. Kim came back! :sweat: He did supers and combos but eventually lost to the timer. Ohyao has 1% more life than him :sad:. He turn around and saw Ohyao and Yuki walkin’ away in a distance while holdin’ hands. Kim stickin’ out his hand, reachin’ for Yuki, and fall off his chair instead :rofl:. His face got smashed down hard to the floor and he is unconscious for hours. Yes, love hurts…

jesus fn christ…
no idea what you’re talkin about on srk these days charlie

I do, but i’m not tellin. :wgrin:… Actually i don’t know if im aloud. I think what i can say from BAS’s new bison custom is, just do what you’re doing, The way people are doing it now is simpler(probably cuz its already programmed into our brains). The new one isn’t worth doing, its not earth shattering either.

Where da hoez at?! (nice log)

I was just writin’ a fictional anime/game story or maybe the other anime that you like :wgrin:.

PS: If you guys don’t know what I’m talkin about, just ignore it. Btw, Kim could kick my ass in Cvs2. I lost to his “flying nasty attack” :sad:.

i almost forgot about the flying nasty attack


This makes some sense… like giving someone who’s never shot before and is afraid of firearms a loaded gun. It’ll feel ackward and I doubt beginners’ luck will nail them bullseyes.

So Kim, would it be safe to say that American players are more obsessed with winning than Japanese players?

From what I read about Japanese competition it seems that everything is more laid back and casual including the tournaments. There is no East Coast v West Coast bullshit going on.

This in turn encourages individuality and just strengthens the scene overall.

You can’t group all japanese game players together in one lump and say they all act this way or that way. There are some who take games really seriously, and theres some who just shrug off the loses. Just look at Keith, he be shruging all day everyday. OOoOoOoOoooo

-You can do Boat


I didn’t even edit my blog yet, I just wanted to sport this new avatar.

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Yuki’s e-mail. Hook it up.

I can’t tell if she’s really hot or not from the blurry picture, but you sparked my curiousity, and I need to follow through on this now (ie. get more pictures from her).

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