Oil Explosion in Cali: Strip Club Evacuated


It’s currently 100 degrees here.

Wildfires are breaking out.

But this block is really hot:


I wonder who will be the scapegoat that blew their load here? Thanks Obama :tup:


What caused the valve failure?


The nigga duke nukem is bAcc :cool: ??


so a club full of strippers gets evacuated, and you fuckers are discussing what caused a valve to fail?


That’s pretty metal.


Nigga, singular. :coffee:


i live pretty close to where this took place. that explains the weird smell that was in the air last night lol! thanks for the info


Valves > strippers


Nah. I got bills to pay and strippers are scary. However, you could get a sweet deal since bitches ain’t getting no work/pay today. :tup:


^ where is that avatar of yours from man?


A stripper plus valves from -I dunno- the matrix.