Oilin' up!



I finally got this game a few days ago and I was testing out all the new characters (I skipped SSFIV entirely). I don’t really know why but I gravitated towards Hakan. His quirks and hilarious antics are just appealing. Also my gamepad’s not the greatest so it’s better for more “slow-paced” characters. The problem was I was getting bodied like nobody’s business, so I decided to look up guides for him…and found this forum.

I never played street fighter on a competitive level (though I’ve played almost every iteration, I’m probably at the most basic you can get as far as general knowledge goes in SFIV) but this forum has convinced me to at least try and improve :slight_smile: So I’m just stopping by to say hi. I’ve been reading a lot of these threads, great info, I’m already learning very interesting things about him like how powerful his normals are.


hes not a slow paced character at all. Once you get better with him you will realize that you have to do some fast inputs in order to effectively use his counter… umm system.


I played a Hakan on high level, in an arcade in my recent trip to Asia. I thought the match would be a doddle, apparently not. I main sakura ATM, but i play hakan on the side, jumping in on hakan is impossible when he is oiled, his focus counter beats out everything i could throw against him, i couldn’t out poke him with that amazing standing mp, and once you get in, you get throw back out again…

But all of this lovely jubbly technical stuff comes at a price, Hakan WILL take you the most amount of time to learn, you WILL be frustrated, you WILL lose endlessly, you WILL need to have good execution. But once you’ve got him down, he’s damn near unstoppable.


so true, i tell everyone this, everyone whos starting him. PREPARE TO LOSE! PREPARE TO FEEL LIKE A FRAUD. You think your OK at SSF4? pick up hakan, and realize you might as well never play this game, YOU. Are the worst, not even the worst at ssf4 your just the worst person alive.

lol i sure did have my troubles. i’m not a pro or anything im not to great but i can mess up some decent kids with my oily pussy. truth be told, you should probably drop hakan until your better, it will save you time before you realize that, once people learn to block low and block when in poke range, you will lose constantly.
people pick up hakan mostly for that slide and the way he acts when oiled… I could just be assuming wrong. if you think your good enough, go for it.


You know who the Hakan was? Was it in Japan?

It’s well said you know, Hakan when oiled can shut you down and induce rage…but getting to that level, it takes a whole lot of work, and not just work…but genuine skill to make it work, hence the few top level Hakans around. Just gotta keep practicing, but like Yes said, if you’re starting off in the game Hakan definitely isn’t a good choice, lol


Ha, back in vanilla I mained Fei who for whatever reason is better than the current AE 2012 Fei but considered mid tier. When Super came out, I tried Hakan and failed so badly for the first month.

Point is, the skill difference is really there. Fei was fun and actually needed more thinking due to the other casts’ vanilla damage, but besides the his plinking chickenwing combos which I never got it down even up till now (I use a pad), most of his combos are chains or 3-4 frame links which are also fairly safe unless you rekka wrong.
To Rontu and anyone interested in the oily man, Hakan doesn’t have that kind of luxury and if you can’t consistantly do his 2 frame link jabs (can get two in a row consistantly but not 3 :() and learn to use his moves wisely since most have bad frame data and large hurtboxes, it may be better to attempt another character first before jumping aboard the Hakan wagon, cos that wagon is slipperier and saltier than the European economy.

Remember, practices makes perfect and how slippery you are in game is proportionate to the salt levels of both you and your opponent.


Yea, since my first post I’ve played quite a bit with him…and…wow, just wow, it’s frustrating. But I’m sticking to it, I always liked adversity in characters in fighters. I’ve been practicing his links and I can pull them off, just not consistently yet (and in the heat of battle it’s a bit harder for me). The learning curve hasn’t deterred me and every win I get just feels like I deserved it, so that’s why I’m still going at it. When I said “slow-paced” I guess I didn’t really mean “slow”, I just meant more reaction based than full on fadc-linking-offensive. His mix-up game is crazy. At least that’s how I like to play my Hakan. Anywho, thanks for the advice guys. Stay oily!


i wouldn’t focus on his links at the start, i would get the rest of his game down and when you understand his oily counter system and tick throws then go ahead and go for them combo’s.

I would also cut down on the wake up game, ive noticed that most hakans when starting will rely heavily on this, while it is a valid tactic to fighting, its just better to learn how to actually fight or use the oil properly first, so you will eventually be able to get more knock downs, which will allow you to use your wakeup game tactics more often.

btw, my best friend when starting off as hakan was F.hk into ULLLLLLLLLTRAAAAAAAAAA!! (on wake up) it works to often lol