OJ actually did it!


The GOAT!!!

Awe man my FB is lit right now


I swear man, cops can slap together any (or no excuse in this case) for doing some janky ass shit like that. Granted, the whole OJ thing is 338,584,421,xmore interesting with the missing knife, but still damn…


We knew this over 20 years ago.


Cept now the Brown family can get even more salty lmao


why they snitching doe…


20 years later, and LAPD is still incompetent as fuck…



A worthy sacrifice for the God-Emperor.


Yeah…the LAPD really REALLY fucked up.
Double Jeopardy likely intact.


As I stated to my co-workers… “So, some dude gave me a knife and said it came from OJ’s house. I kept it as a memento because, YOLO!”

Totally believable, I’ll file that right behind UFO sightings and Sasquatch pics. He may have “done it” but this knife thing is a load of bull.


LAPD: Let’s just throw the damn knife on the property
Commissioner: SURE


theres no way this will mean anything lol


I can’t imagine being Fred Goldman and hearing this shit…

The man that killed your son got away with it because the police botched a slam dunk murder case, knife or no knife.


They can’t try him again anyway so it doesn’t matter. Case was closed. Number 2 there is no way this is gonna go anywhere because this just doesn’t make any sense at all. You have the weapon and didn’t say shit about it and now decades later you wanna say oh we found a knife at his estate. Stfu.


Oh I agree… But if I’m the Brown and Goldman families, I’m calling my lawyers to see what we can do to sue the shit out of the LAPD for their incompetence that allowed my child’s killer to walk.


Well duh.
All black people know he did it, they’ll just take the W cause they don’t get much when it comes to justice.


Dumb fucker is still in jail for trying to steal sports memorabilia anyways. NIGGA JUST WRITE YOUR NAME ON A FOOTBALL YOU BOUGHT AT WALMART DAMN.


He was trying to stealget back his stuff that was auctioned off, like his Heisman Trophy and other awards.

EDIT: Rock’s post reminded me- OJ went in with no intention of robbing the guy… He just wanted to negotiate to get his stuff back, but the crazy negros he had with him went full Suge Knight on the guy and that set off the white people alarm that they could finally get him behind bars for something… anything other than the murder case.


OJ is a T-800 Terminator he don’t need no pussy ass gun!

Maybe a knife, but OJ forgot where he left it.


For people calling Double Jeopardy, I do believe you can actually reopen a case if new evidence is found. The thing is that…there’s completely no point in this instance especially since he’s already in jail.


so no one finds it odd we have a fucking oj mini series going on and conviently they finally find the last piece of evidence? like really nigga??