Ok, another serious question

How the hell is Scooby Doo still around?

That show is awful in every incarnation it’s ever had.


sorry there’s no penises coming out of the ground raping scooby doo while people are getting decipated in the background by 10 year old girls dressed provocatively like in the cartoons you watch

Because your bagels are weak. Watch the show and you’ll know what to put on your bagels: 6 pizzas, 3 turkeys, 24 hamburgers, deep fry the whole thing and follow it up a gallon of syrup.

This thread is now about what is, and is not, [media=youtube]3FkcC23AzR4"[/media]

hey thats cuz i like anime and stuff right

good shit yo

they are cartoons and comic books

not anime and manga

don’t try to sound cool by using japanese words to make it sound cooler than it is

but then that means it’s still cool, somewhat, right?


you ever watch that Ducktales anime growing up? shit was nice

thread needs more cyber cop IMO

ssj uncle scrooge was sweet

and cyborg cop just patrols PSN with robotic vigil

nj needs more sigley imo