Ok everybody i have discovered something important

Ok basically when you shoot a regular fireball people will parry it but i have discovered a way to makle the fireball really hard to parry and that is Kara-fireball. For instance jab fireball kara’ed will be good cuz if your in their face their will eat it before they jump. Also another reason is because the spacing on the screen gets affected so it causes them to time it again on reaction. Beleive me it works i used this on Issei numerous times on his ken and chun. Or you can kara strong fireball which is also useful. Characters you should really kara fireball:

CHun with no meter.




Foward or RH kara? I used to kara my fireballs for shits and giggles at the start of the round but then I realized that by moving forward I was making myself more vulnerable to long-range pokes :S

Not to mention you’re adding frames to a move that’s already pretty vulnerable

Its good i have used this in soo many matches and also its the forward kara. Like its good to throw off your opponent and also like it works on ken very well not up close. From afar you know.

Fireballs are in general dangerous to throw out. Oro, more then any other character, practically triples the size of his hitbox when throwing a fireball. Kara could be cool, but its really risky to do anywhere but fullscreen.

Weird, I never thought to even try to kara the fireball… not ridiculously useful, but it’s a fun thing to realize I can do. Thanks. :tup:

  • backthrow, dash, charge partitioned kara lp fireball. I’ve always liked charge partitioning fireballs after a backthrow, but doing it kara gives them even less room to jump out, even after quick rolling. Depends on the character.

Also it gives pushback to the corner.

actually I have found it useful to kara FP fireball. It gives it more horizontal range which is good. you would have to be tight on execution though, don’t want to whiff something when an opponent is jumping in.

Yeah, after reading this topic I now use kara mp and hp fireballs on the taller characters. It’s fun making up block strings with it on people who are turtling.

Does anyone know how vunerable you are if they block a jab fireball at close range? And with an EX fireball?

they can reversal super depending on character.

Ok tested a bit with Oro vs Oro:

After blocked jab fireball, reversal fierce dragon (7 frame startup) does NOT hit.

But if its an EX dragon (5 frame startup), it hits.

But bare in mind this was done a)in the corner (defender cornered) and b)after a c.mk cancel (because a point blank fireball passes straight through).

But midscreen, it seems the fireball pushes the blocker too far back for reversal dps to hit.