OK Finalized Part Nor Cal vs Issac, Rick Mears, and the Passion

aite i changed this thread to make this finalized

the chunksta, cableguy86, Chris S (from fresno)


the passion, Issac Graham, Rick Mears

winning team gets 30 bucks (10 bucks per person)

2 out of 3

team wins when last man is standing

heh ORG you should be a comedian, when u said u could take us all out by yourself that shit made me laugh too hard. hahahahaha

2 bad u aint goin to evo though

o yea we’re glad rick mears is goin cause we did wanna play him but we didnt think he was goin and couldnt put him on your team .

heh we happy now though :slight_smile:

btw what day does Team B wanna do this?

but for now ill see you at evo

my money woulda been on that Omega Red Guru.
he may have 2 hands, but he known to pack 3 gatts.
loadin up llamas like a desert caravan

ec niggas gonna kill u guys

gl with sent/cap vs them:o

Sent/Cap seemed to do just fine when your boy Sentinaaaaaaaaaal beat Hyo.

… but I forgot. Sent/Cap sucks.

This is Bryheem Keyes posting

Bad news for EC, the passion and rick mears aren’t going to evo. I just found out today from hyo himself. So you can cancel this match and I guess ec will have to find a new captin and a new team.:bluu:

Also, I found out that mixup, sentinalll, jmar, row, kuan, sanford, and rahsaan aren’t going as well. Kind of sucks for the marvel scene at evo.:depress: Unless those guys change their mind and go after all.

Awww, fuck man:mad: That sucks, are you not gonna go either Bryheem? Cuz you are one hell of a funny guy and coo:cool: Anyway, this year’s evo marvel scene is fucked:mad: :frowning: :lame: but, we still got WC players like Soomighty, Potter, Amir, Combofiend, and others. Man, i was looking forward to playing Rick Mears and Hyo :frowning: Is Isaac still going tho? thanx. Peace


I’m not going either.

Yeah soo and those guys are going, but it’s like watching another WC only tournament. Isaac is still going but he has no team.


I’ll be there, if you guys want we can just do seperate money games or just get in a lot of casual :smiley: .

A’ight Isaac, i’ll see you in evo:cool: By the way, imma teach you how to play Puzzle Fighter!:lol: If you want*:slight_smile: Maybe i’ll bet money matches against you in Marvel:evil: :evil: :smiley:

Bryheem: Damn, that sucks that you can’t go either :frowning: I look forward in seeing you next year:cool: Or maybe at ECC10 :slight_smile: Peace


Aww Man…looks like Im about to get my Tekken game back up…What do you say Bryheem???

probably because jon can BLOCK


lol at mixup’s avatar. Its the best. i’ve seen. Game and watch!!!

he had money matches with soomighty and potter wonder what happend :confused: