Ok gouken players teach me how to option select properly



Ok I was reading the http://shoryuken.com/f268/depth-gouken-demon-flip-df-safe-jump-guide-222591/

safe jumping demon flip guide and I read this

““It’s important to option select throw in this setup; if you land that safe jump, the throw wont come out and you will have plenty of time to hit confirm into a combo starting with HP or jab string them away on block.””

Ok my question to you guys is HOW DO IT DO THIS lol. once you safe jump with meaty looking attack when do you grab so it wont come out . if the grab come out then you getting hit if they try and reversal you so how to I option select the throw.

I never really understood this whole option select thing i watched the vids but that stuff mainly for ryu. So guys teach me how to option select im sick of hearing this term and its pissing me off lol. the only option select i know how to do is crouch tech option select thats it.


here watch this, ill think your questions will be answered YouTube - lordofultima’s Channel


Yea ive watched that vid already ut i just could not get an understanding of it really ut Iamthatiam helped me on lve yesterday and thank you for that man. I know have an understanding and i will start applying it to my game.