Ok honestly guys, Do you feel Yang is a Tournament viable character in AE 2012?

Ive been a gouken main since vanilla. As you guys already know gouken is not a solid character. Hes not weak but hes not solid either so pretty much im looking for a solid character that I actually like meaning character design, moveset and other things. I find myself comming to yang and Im really starting to like him.

It seems though that I have to work 10 times harder then everyone else even harder then I have to work with gouken lol.

Things I like about yang–

–Good normals
– Good footies
– great reversal dp with invinsibility without ex
–Great escape tool with ex dash
–nice overhead
– 2 good ultras
–nice pokes
– tools to get around projectiles
– Nice hit confirms and frame traps

  • Great frame advantage on standing and crouching jab
    – 2 hit jump in with jump forward mk to break focus spamers

Im sure there is many more that im not thinking of.

Things I dont like about yang

–Damage output is ass
– Hard to use palms to stop projectiles due to loss of active frames
– dive kicks are mediocre, slow with added 2 frame recovery (WHY DID THEY DO THIS LOL)
– Lk dp has short range in front
–ex command grab lost throw invinsibility and start up even slower with less range lol capcom
– Regular command grabs are just slow as hell with bad range
–Lk mantis slash is only safe on first hit
– pretty much lost his cross up. (Man I feel sorry for you guys who played him before AE 2012)
– Its hard to punish projectiles with ultra 2 with its 6 frame start up. 4 frames was just fine why did they nerf that.
– Super is hard to use unlike yuns super lol
– Mk and Hk dashs are pretty bad with massive recovery.
– Focus attack sucks and forward dash is pretty bad

Thats all I can think of for now.

Now I dont really see anyone playing him now and days in big tournys. I think NEMO was the big yang player and im not sure how hes doing with him now. Online I never fight yang (which is good because i hate mirrors) but still fight plenty yuns. I hardly see vids of people using yang in 2012 AE.
So has people given up on him. Is he considered a weak non tourny viable character? From looking at my pros and cons and my experience playing him even after the massive nerf he got I feel he still has potential but hes far from easy to win with and you have to put in work unlike most characters. I have to work alot harder with yang then gouken but im sure thats because Ive been playing gouken alot longer. Im having problems doing option selects with yang and safe jumps but ive mastered those with gouken so i win more with him.

I want to stick with yang and make him my second main character along side gouken. Im not too too sure if its worth it though. I really wish he has a cross up that was easier to pull off and slightly better damage output. Also to have his dive kicks recovery in 4 frames again would be awesome and ex commanf grab back to normal. I would have loved to play yang before AE 2012 lol.

So whats everyones thoughs on yang. Does he got what it takes?!?!?!?

You require more vespene gas.

The reason you’re having to work ten times harder is because Yang does so much less damage than Gouken, you really have to work your opponent into the corner to maximize damage with Yang. I do think Yang is a more solid character than Gouken though.

Yang is tournament viable the problem is nobody is playing him. Even when he was stronger in original AE, he wasn’t being played in the States. Now, with the nerfs the few that used him are dropping him. Haneyama, Floe, Acqua, Allioune all dropped him. Last I heard Nemo was still using him but I’m not sure if he’ll stick it out - I sure as heck hope so. Honestly, if he was just this way from the beginning more people would be playing him for sure, people just hate nerfs.

Yang still has a lot of tools and is a solid character and IMO is viable in tournaments but we might not see him do much damage in tournaments with people dropping him for slightly stronger characters like Cammy.

Your comment on U2 is erroneous: the startup of the roll is actually the same, it just doesn’t become active until later into the move. This makes it harder to combo into and removes some of the combo possibilities (i.e. off of mp palm) but otherwise changes nothing about how it punishes fireballs or other long-range mistakes.

The tier list is based around high level play. If it were based around low-mid level play, the characters with easy combos for lots of damage, such as Gouken, would rate much higher than even really solid rushdown characters like Viper or Akuma. So the amount that one has to ‘work’ in the sense of getting several hits on your opponent and performing slightly more difficult combos isn’t really taken into account. Yang was never a character for easy wins, even in AE; he just had more abusable bullshit that made him more effective when played by a really strong player. He still has a godlike stand jab, a command throw that can go into ultra meterless for ~430 damage and a really good walkspeed for tick throws and frame traps. What’s more, he has one of the better dive kicks (and yeah, it’s not as good as it was, but it’s still better for getting in than basically anyone other than Rufus’) and can easily get around fireballs, so he’s really hard to keep out. And his wakeup is pretty solid too.

Most player comments have him even with the majority of the cast, good against characters that suck against divekicks (Dhalsim, Gouken) and bad against grapplers. So yeah, about mid. The problem is that the top tier is saturated with better rushdown characters that are otherwise similar to Yang. I do think that Yang is capable of competing at that level still, but why bother? Cammy frame traps better, Viper has just as little trouble getting around fireballs, Makoto gets more damage off of a command throw barring ultra and has better oki, Akuma has better wakeup and OSes and all of the above do more damage in differing degrees. If I were a serious tournament player I’d have dropped Yang as soon as I saw the changelog. Still, if you care little enough about the tier list to main Gouken, there shouldn’t be a problem; Yang’s a lot of fun. Happy divekicking.

Though I understand your point about projectile punishing, the definition of startup frames is number of frames until active. So technically they have 2 extra frames to recover from throwing their projectile if the range is close enough.

Yeah, if you’re point blank it’s slower, but chances are pretty good that you aren’t if you’re trying to punish a fireball.

It’s two frames slower, period.

The way U2 works, there’s the roll portion, and when Yang gets close enough to initiate the hitting portion, in AE, it would hit 4 frames after that. In 2012, it now hits 6 frames after the hitting portion is triggered.

I don’ think 2 frames is making that huge of a difference in ability to punish fireballs, but obviously it does to some degree. I thought it was difficult enough to punish fireballs in AE, personally. Not terribly hard… but not super easy either. It definitely didn’t need to get slower.

Whatever though.

I agree with you on this. I say Nemo is the only player that didnt drop Yang all because hes been nerfed and he doesnt play like he used to in AE.
That y i look up to Nemo instead of the other people that use him.I also see Kyoku still using him, his name is Best Of Birds i think.Im also using him as well,Skipperall56. But i do believe Yang is still a solid player for tournament but its goin to be hard playing against characters that he is weak against

Nemo did drop Yang apparently. Can’t remember where I read it, but it was from some japanese source.

awwww man, i thought he was still using him. cause i had seen a video of him(yang) vs a high BP AND PP Juri.No, Nemo, Noooooooooooo :frowning:

Nemo said he might drop yang and pick up juri.

Nemo Juri needs to happen. I would love to see that.

Not at the expense of Nemo Yang

That’s too bad. I heard Haneyama and Nuki are playing Juri as well. So many ex-Chun players using the same characters.

Haneyama is playing Juri, Nuki I don’t know. Nemo would be awesome.
E: But yes I do believe Yang to be tournament viable.
Just not sufficiently so for pros to actually play him (looks like ~solid mid).

Fuck Yang. Juri is a perfect Nemo character. Lots of options, little quirky shit. Nemo would max Juri out.

Edit - Nevermind, I had a misconception about the move. Thanks for clearing that up.

got dangit. But I wonder why they are dropping Yang?Is it because how hard hes been nerfed or…

Nemo sticked with Yang for the 5v5 pre-nationals tourney.
Kyoku (his xbox id is "something"birds) was on the winning team for the 3v3 Capcom’s National tourney.

Nemo footage:



When I watched the clips above, I could not understand why Capcom nerf the dmg of Yang, he hit very weak now. I love the combo crLK,CrLK xx Slash of Yang but now its dmg is only 147

btw, a non-related comment about the clip above:

Does everyone see Nemo looks like the Chinese actor Nicholas Tse ?

This is Nicholas Tse