Ok how in the name of god do I OTG with his super

I can’t OTG with his DP/motorcycle super at all. it seems like such a simple concept, launch into magic series, OTG super when you land. But the timing seems super strict, I’ve only been able to do it like once.

Oh lol that fucking title

Qcf+l xx hyper

thing is I’m trying to do his mission mode, you have to do a raw OTG with the super. doesn’t work at all.

The motor cycle super otgs by itself… you are probably doing it to slow if it isn’t comboing.

I was having the same problem lol

I can literally do the super as soon as I recover from whatever I do that knocks them down and it won’t OTG. After a knockdown from Air S, I’ve tried delaying it til the last second, tried doing it the instant I land, tried doing it inbetween those two. never works.

Your probably mashing the inputs and causing his bike to tilt up with the follow up. If you do it to fast it wont otg.

actually that’s probably it, out of habit now just so I don’t ever forget to mash for extra damage I even mash my supers in the trial mode. thanks.

It’s pretty easy actually just let the motorcycle OTG by itself. I had the same problem with that combo took me like 4 times.

Pretty sure you hold down while on the bike for it to OTG.

EDIT: Actually, I just checked and you don’t have to hold down. I was doing I think mission 6 or 7 with him yesterday and the bike never OTG’d unless I held down. Maybe specific spacing?

With most mission mode into OTG random stuff (and in this game in general) try to do your S input at the last possible second so you can land faster and get follow ups more easily.

Also wait till GR lands before doing the motion. I learned that in vanilla mvc3 when I was trying to get Iron Man down. When I tried to do the dp motion while he was falling that it made him just dash or do some other attack. You have a little more time then what you might think to do it. Also stated before DO NOT MASH WHILE USING THIS HYPER! You can’t increase the damage by mashing and each button causes his bike to do some sort of action.

Actually, to properly hit off the ground with Ghost Rider’s Bike Super, you hold forward. That always works. And the you can press Light, Medium or Heavy to do the ending of the super. All I remember is the only one I use is heavy because he turns around in the end causing a wallbounce and I think it is the most damaging. You also have to be midscreen or in the corner for it to hit.