Ok,I got a question

I haven’t played over kaillera yet,but I set it up.What i wanna know,is You set-up/join a game,how does mame/kaillera decide how the 1p/2p assignment goes.i.e. in mame you config your controls for joystick1p/2p,and thats how they stay,but if you have both players local configs set how do the joy/buttons map?

All you have to do is set 1p controls and mame/kaillera takes care of the rest.


Does anyone use .67?It seems to be only one thats works well on my comp(vista beta and .64 dont see eye 2eye).Anything I should know about with it?

Latest version of mame32k++ : v0.108 http://www.mameppk.net.ms/mameppk_bin_gcc-0.108-20060821.7z

see if that works

thx,checking it out now.

works great thanks!

The only way you’re going to get any games is if you use 0.64 though.
What exactly is not working about it?
Seems strange that 0.67 would work if that doesn’t.

it complains about comctl32 being out of date cause of vista.but if you config through ini and ignore it,it works.Just cant edit config in menu.