Ok I just got fired from my job. How do I seek revenge? (semi-long story)


Ok so heres the story in a nutshell:

I called my job today because my new job had me scheduled on top of the days that I usually work my other job. So I ask when am I gonna get some dates to come in for work because I have literally no hours in the past week and this guy tells me “You no longer work here anymore, you did 3 no-call no-shows so we thought you quit” so tell him I JUST SPOKE TO THE MANAGER LAST THURSDAY ABOUT HAVING THE WEEKEND OFF AND SHE SAID OK. How does the part about me missing 3 days before escape her mind during this phone call? But wait, I get it…she was being a bitch. Of course I had the weekend off because they had already fired me by then and someone neglected to tell me. Ok cool. I get that…


The entire week I missed where “nobody had heard from me” I tell her that when I called to check the schedule the week BEFORE I was told that I had the whole week off. Seriously. I called my job, asked when I worked, the guy on the phone told me that I didnt come in that week. This was probably the beginning of the bullshit that I caught much too late. So if I was told I had the whole week off…I didnt come for the rest of that work week. [sidenote: be weary of any job that creates the schedule on days you ARENT working and you have no way to confirm work without physically seeing the schedule at work] Of course they dont want to hear that. So she goes “well we tried to contact you” of course you did bitch. Text message? No. Alternate phone number? No. Did you leave a voicemail? No. Lmfao. So now she’s on the phone trying to argue me down that they tried to contact me. Like what year is this? Before the invention of missed calls on iphones and call logs from Sprint.com? Did the missed calls all magically disappear? Like are these people kidding me? They had NO PROBLEM calling and texting to ask me to come in on days I wasnt scheduled, but nobody thought to let me know I did a no-call no-show? lol. Ok.

Let me start by saying I’ve never been someone who couldnt hold a job so dont troll me. So I got this gig at this shitty place because the work was easy and it was owned by morons.

Ok so now I’m annoyed. Not because I was fired but because of the entire principle. I was doing these cunts a favor. What a family owned joke. Owned by the mother, a clueless airhead and her 3 bitchy single fat daughters who were all obnoxious unqualified cunts. Not to toot my horn but I am an ACCREDITED chef. I am a certified chef, I am alumni of one of the most prestigious culinary schools in the WORLD (Le Cordon Bleu) and I just got fired from a fucking DINER. Like are you fucking kidding? Like before I started working there everything was pre-made and pre-cooked. It was a joke you guys. Macaroni n cheese already cooked in one of those uncle bens boil-in-water bags. The meats were months old sitting in the freezer, there were spoons and ladles sitting in containers of food with no expiration date on it. Nobody washed their hands. THE “FISH N CHIPS” DINNER WERE THOSE PRE-BREADED SQUARE FISH PATTIES THAT YOU GOT FOR LUNCH IN GRADE SCHOOL. Meats and soups sitting out uncovered, not being cooled tot he proper temperature before serving. They mixed in substitute eggs to stretch the egg mix…its a breakfast diner for crying out loud and you arent even serving real fucking eggs? Between being a management nightmare and a walking health department write up. And to make it so bad I tried to HELP these people, I tried to help this lady turn her failing restaurant around and they whip that shit out on me?

Oh yeah. This place was already closed down TWICE by the health department before I came last December and they are on their 3rd owner. Lol. SRK I want to play dirty what could I possibly do?


Expose them.

Post the address.

Google map link it.

Write reviews.


You move your sack to the other side and get a better job and make a better life.

Or maybe focus in on this while your boyfriend pays rent.


I suggest you fire them back.


It appears you didn’t enjoy your job, so just move on. These guys seem incompetent will end up hurting themselves without you having to do anything.


pass by the place sometimes and just smile at the owner


Send them a fruit basket. They did you a favor…

Why are you getting all worked up over a job you apparently don’t even care about, and feel was beneath you?

Now’s your chance to move up in the world and find a place that will appreciate you.


Call the health department. Maybe a surprise visit will get them shutdown for a bit for violations


Locate your nearest abandoned, run down as fuck, house. Go in and capture all the rats/mice that most likely live there. Break in to the restaurant after it’s closed. Let all the rats/mice in the kitchen and leave as many food containers open as you possibly can. Call the health department the next day and let the rest happen. While the health inspection is happening, slash your former manager’s tires, just to make a shitty day even worse.

If they don’t get closed down for good after that, just fucking burn it down.


These hambeasts aren’t worth the effort. If the news comes to report on the restaurant being shut down, the owners will probably get excited and doll themselves up for the occasion.


Do you live in a “right-to-work” state?

I’d do something that involved urine. Urine is always the best revenge IMHO…


Nevermind, my suggestion could be slightly life threatening, I would move on with your life unless you are very pissed off about it.


Watch Fight Club for inspiration.


Take a dump on their front porch.


I was just pissed how they went about it. It was always so unprofessional from the beginning I should have known it was only a matter of time they set their sights on me. I literally kissed their asses the entire time I should have just let everyone have it one good time if that was the case.

And its too late to let rats loose since there was already a mouse problem in the dry storage area.


No good deed goes unpunished.


Sounds like that shitty place doesn’t deserve you in the first place. With your culinary cred, I’m sure a much better restaurant will pick you up as their chef. Good luck homie!
On a hilarious note, if you can go back in time knowing what you know now, would you pull something like this? (this is why I NEVER complain about my ordered food )


Bonus clip:


Love this fukin’ movie :lol:


Walk in, find your manager,grab them by the hair, dunk their head in a vat of hot grease, pull them out, lick their crackly and bubbly face and whisper in their ear “You taste like fishsticks”


Move on, you pissy bitch.


What you do is grow the fuck up before I call Yah Bitch Senior to whip that ass in to shape nigga.


Do nothing. The universe or whatever god you believe in will sort out the problem eventually.