Ok, I'm at my wits end


I’m looking for credible sites selling arcade sticks equal to or below $100. I’m not looking for a top of the line arcade stick, since I already have a HRAP3, just something for my less talented brother can use while I teach him the basics. Maybe I’m just not looking in the right place, or maybe I’m being too picky with credibility. I know Ebay is great for this kind of stuff but my parents have been burned by Ebay and fraudulent sellers before so I’m hesitant to go that route but would take a swing if there were confirmation on good dependable sellers. If anyone could help a brother out I would shout your name to the heavens above and praise you as my lord and savior.

Thanks in advance.


Wait for the next run of SEs.


You won’t find anything under $100 right now. Even a Hori EX2 is going to run around $100 when it retails for about $50-60.

If it’s a PS3 stick you maybe able to find an SE on ebay for around $120 or you an wait for the next batch. 360 SE’s have been going on ebay for $140+ until the demand dies down.

So right now, you’re out of luck… wait a month or so and you should be fine getting an SE for $80.


I know they’re scheduled for April 09 to release but no one has had any confirmation on that. Is it late April, early April, etc?

Yeah, that’s what my fears were. A month is a long time to wait but I guess he’ll just have to do with the D-pad for now. Thanks for all the help though.