Ok, I'm now a "serious beginner"

Been playing 3S for close to two years now, I play Ken, watched probably a days worth of videos(USA, a-cho, evo DVD’s, etc) but I never learned a thing. Nothing.

I played with a few people online from SRK(check thread in XBL 3S forum), and they all told me the same sthing: I’m a random mofo without a clue. I agree with them, I really dont know much of anything in 3S, and as it tuns out, not even the fundamentals of playing competitvely. The main things I remember are:

-You gotta think before you attack, you’re attacking blindly with hope.
-Gotta feel out your opponent.
-Counter this, counter that, etc…
-Theres more to defending than holding Back.

And it goes on. The thing is, I feel like I’m being guided as if I knew attack patterns abd the like off the back of my head, which I dont. I really dont know anything. If anything, I just turtle all day and attack only when I THINK I have an opening, and still lose.

I love 3S. Its my favorite fighter and I want to be great at it, if not, at least decent/good. Make some friends, stand a chance in tournaments, even if small, make some vids, get into the 3S scene as a whole, and not give up. I’ve put in the time, I just want to see some results popping out, even if they’ve bene taking their time.

I want to learn how to play, but speaking from a total newbies point of view…where do I start? What should I be observing? What am I looking for in my game and others?

Well alot of the stuff you’re describing just needs a good knowlege of the game. The defending is a good example. You need to be used to parry timing, blocking high/low when appropriate, you gotta know what hits of a super to parry, which ones to block, how to punish and etc. Just takes alot of knowlege of the game.

As for where to start, check the other thread. I wrote up a bunch and alot of other people have posted there, it’s a good place to find what ya need. 3s for beginners or something is the thread name, it’s in this forum near the top.

Nice to see you again Eckostyle.

Most people who are good at fighting games know when to attack and when to block. WHen to take that risk and when to not do anything to jeopardize your game.

Get a good knowledge of the system of the game your learning, then learn the characters, then learn the character you plan to play.

I’m also starting to learn 3s too. I spent maybe 2 years learning CvS2 and I still have much to learn but I feel that I have elevated myself out of the “random mofo without a clue” stage of my gaming career.

My advice is to just get a feel of when you need to attack and when you need to block. I’m not saying you dont know attack patterns or how to defend against block strings. I’m saying that there are times to attack and block.

It’s defend properly then it is to attack and usually the best thing to do depending on your character is to forget about defence and just attack. If you concentrate on working on attacking, it’ll raise your awareness of the game more as you are going through more experiences then if you were just to sit there and wait for people to attack you and hope for an openning.

The nice thing about fighting games is once you develop this kind of sixth sense about offense/defense you can apply it to pretty much every fighter you play.

just play people a lot.

Thanks the the input. I’ve gone to arcades quite a few times since I’ve posted(NJ Transit goes by FnG in Wayne now, going tonight), and all I’ve really done is crunk out on playing others(just under a 70 or so matches), losing a lot but winning a few. I got the same tidbit of advice from other players who were nice enough to offer advice, “You gotta think before you attack”.

The thing is…what am I looking for? I dont think I’m missing anything, but I dont know exactly what I’m evaluating when fighting against others. To be literal, when it comes to me learning how to play, I see buttons and the things the do, and I’ll press them hoping I’ll hit. Where I’m supposed to guide myself when it comes to learning the game, that I’m unsure of.

If anything, yeah, just playing others alot is a no-brainer, but doing that over the course of two years and not picking much up at a cost of money is kinda bleh to me, but I’m putting it behind me. I may just be slow, or Im approaching the game the wrong way. Either way, I enjoy it, and want to and cant wait to improve.


Thats where you are not getting it. You see the buttons, you know the combos, but you don’t know what to do in certain situations. I haven’t seen you play for a while so if you can somehow get a vid of you playing up we can evaluate your strengths/weaknesses.

how’s your execution? maybe you should work on that if you’re not so good at executing comboes. don’t be predictable…otherwise they’ll see right through you.

Doing a fancy combo is no use if you dont have the means to look for the opening to implement it. Sure, anyone can practice their Kara Shoryuens but if you never use the strong fierce target combo I dont think you can use the Kara Shoryuken to your advantage.

To me, knowing what to do in certain situations is more important than actually being able to do something. For example, someone misses a wakeup DP. Instead of burning my meter with a combo into Shipuu I can just do target combo srk kara srk. But if you dont think to save the meter youd never use the kara srk effectively.

Target, srk, kara srk doesn’t work on shotos anyway.

Make a list of basic combos. For each combo, decide on good and safe ways to implement it. Generally, block low on wakeup. Don’t get stupid with the wakeup supers and uppercuts. If the other person is uncomfortably close and not already hitting you, throw/tech. Maybe keep an eye on what people usually do with their character, and make a mental list of setups to combat those things.

Sometimes, what makes an ok player a better player is the ability to get out of that repetitive mentality that forces you do certain things like turtle, release Hadoukens from across the screen, leaving yourself open for constant parry bait like jump-ins etc. If you want to get better, you may have to change the way you’re playing. By watching the “better” players in your arcade, vids etc., you need to maybe pick up what strategies they are using with their characters not the situation in which you think you can just get in there and land that massive combo. Also, pick up on how each character is used individually. What do Ryu players usually do? Or Dudley or Urien? Find the common strats between players and then see if you can formulate strats to counter them.

When I started playing fighters, I was just another newb.

Mashing out fireballs and supers when I had them. Then I learned that everytime I threw a fireball it got jumped over, rolled, supered through, etc. (CvS2 is my main game) So I got out of my “throw fireballs all day and win” to a more thinking and strategic player.

When I became a strategic player, I learned what to do in certain situations, what to use for a good poke, combo into super, antiair, etc, and focused on doing a specific thing when actually playing (Antiairing, Practice JDing strings, etc). Eventually I got better and then went on to execution which is the stage I’m still at. I’m always learning when I play.

Learn what to do in certain situations, and pokes and whatnot. Everything like Attack patterns will come later. If anything drop me an IM on AIM and we’ll chat.

Main truth. I hated myself for months because I always throwed a low poke when I had the chance. After one round against a good opponent, I always got parried… it was horrible, I noticed that I threw the low poke the moment I hit the button. With a lot of practice I learned to control myself.
So… get rid of your main bad habits SOON.

Yeah, usually with “newbies” they tend to have a common thing they do with each character. For example Ken/Ryu’s tend to Hadouken and throw out cr.Forwards, Akuma’s tend to Air Hadouken/Tatsumaki Zankuu, Shakunetsu Hadoken. Urien’s tend to shoot Spheres, Chariot Rush etc. I suppose newbs tend to believe that constantly executing Specials and Super Arts will win them the match. I believe that this is a primarily a poke-based game and Specials and Supers are just a extension to that playing style. I’m not saying you’d be a scrub to use Specials, just don’t spam Rose throwing->Machine Gun Blows from half screen whenever you get stuck on tactics. You have to think in terms of decieving your opponent.

I’ve been playing 3s for 4 months now and I’m really hooked. Im the best out of all my friends who’ve been playing this a yr before me.
I watch alot of the vids and read lots of strategies. After reading strategies, I look for a specific techinque throughout the whole vid. I read about the “tick throw” setup and then watched daigo (as Ken of course) use it plenty of times. I have a friend who also turtles alot and the tick throw setup beats him everytime. I also learned about cross-ups from reading and watching vids.
Since I’m just starting, I just study one technique at a time, mostly the basics. When I say basics, its the first step of leaving constant hadou’s and sweeps. Like learning Ken’s target combo standing strong into fierce (MP->HP)

Well…Im not good with words and when i do want to describe in words i say it in paragraphs after paragraphs. I can only see how you fight and tell you whats up

I’m a serious beginner now myself too.
So I want to get a few things straight.

For exactly how long is the parry-window open after you press forward?
How the fuck do you techroll?
I’ve seen Shoryukens get parried both low and high. Sup?
There’s a Replay option on the main menu. Where and how do you record them?

Videos, including the famous Daigo vids, would be awesome.

I dunno what tickthrows are either so that’d be great to know, not to forget tutorial vids showing this and kara-cancels and whatever else exciting shit there is to see and know.

Re: “Techroll” - As you are about to hit the ground, tap down.

Re: Parried Shoryukens - Yeah, it can be done, but your best bet would be to parry up because if it’s 2 or more hits, you’ll parry the first but eat the rest.

Re: Recording matches - In Versus Mode, after the match where it gives results there is an option at the bottom where you can save the match.

Re: Daigo vids - They are all over the place, I’m not sure exactly where. Someone will be kind enough to post the link I’m sure.

Re: Tick Throws - I believe that’s like throwing out a jab, then immediately throwing (ex. low short, walk in and throw) With guys like Alex, Q etc. who have command throws, try not to do the command throw so fast that you’re cancelling it, or else no matter what you’ll always whiff the throw.

Re: Parry Window - I’m not exactly sure in terms of how many frames, but I THINK it’s like 8 or something, again I’m not sure. Anyways, it’s like half a second before the attack. How long they’re frozen for after you parried? Not sure how many frames, but move fast because it’s like half a second again. My advice would be to learn it on Parry Training. Record yourself doing Hadoukens or something, gradually move on to Super Arts. I learned the initial timing off Akuma’s moves, then eventually learned all the parry timings. That helped me, good luck :tup:

As for videos, go to Combovideos.com, Godweapon.net. There are tons of links and you can go from there.

Many thanks man. It was all helpful.

I’ve been doing a bit of practicing in Parry Training, but it’s more fun to just get the experience online.

Parrying projectiles is usually a piece of cake, same with supers like Ryu’s SA1 fireball. But when they throw in attacks after they’ve unleashed a super you’re still parrying, … well I just don’t have the experience to handle that yet. Like Akuma’s Superfireball into close standing HK. :confused:

Also, does Urien have a bunch of unblock&parryables, or am I missing something? I take so much damage from his overpowered juggles, and when they throw in Aegis shit after me on top of that, it just becomes too much to handle.

But anyway.

XBOX Live is BULLSHIT. Two thumbs all the way down. I got it a week ago, DESPITE reading the various threads complaining about lag. I thought “WTF, it can’t be that bad”. Was I ever wrong, I think I probably have like a Z grade or some shit. I just can’t adjust to the lag. I’m going to get you Microsoft…but that’s another thread entirely.