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Hello guys, these days I began hanging around the Japanese bbs regarding our beloved granny. I can get most of what they write, but the Japanese “SF slang” is still pretty difficult to me and I have nobody to ask to for further clarifications (I could try ask Amiyu but he’s always pretty busy).
So… help me out :wink:
Lately we’ve discussed about the Guy match-up, so that’s what I checked first. Here it is what it says (I’ll go for a literal translation, so you can help me to change it to the appropriate terms).


詐欺飛び 前投げ→前ステ×2→喪流垂直J中K
画面端セットプレイ 前投げ→前ステ×2→前J喪中K(ガー不)

Tricking Jump Forward throw—> Dash forward x2—> Vertical Mantis style J. MK
End screen Set Piece Forward throw—> Dash Forward x2—> Forward Mantis style J. MK (off guard)



**Ok, so that’s it. I guess this “Tricking jump” is what we call safe jump… but that “set piece”… I don’t get it. I see it’s a word that’s often used in the Japanese wiki… I can try to dig for more informations.

Corner Set Play. Basically it’s an unblockable setup after you forward throw your opponent into the corner. I think it is character specific tho.

isn’t this just the unblokable (‘soft blockable’) safejump setup that was confirmed to work on Yun and Yang? Except they now mention corner, interesting…

that involved roll. This one is different in the sense that it is also a 4f safe jump on most casts.

EDIT: So I guess if you throw Guy into the corner, you can do 2 forward dashes and do a mantis fj.MK to unblockable hit Guy. You can also block his reversal EX Tatsu since it is a safe jump, and the only thing that will beat you out would be reversal U2.

It’s also not a soft blockable stuff since it’s a wake-up meaty.

That’s a pretty crazy unblockable setup, I wonder on who it works. From a mantis jf.mk you can do his best (most damaging) bnb combo so that’s cool.

Do you speak Japanese, or do you use a site translator? please I really need help with translating Japanese pages if you know how I can please tell me.

I speak Japanese :sweat:

Man I am so salty and jealous of you right now. maybe you can help me with a Japnese Gen site

if you have the time you can learn japanese yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

In my country there’s even a Japanese Language and Culture study on a University, though I doubt it’ll land you much work afterwards lol.

Safe jump : Front throw --> forward dash twice —> mantis style neutral jump mk
Corner setplay (aka setup): front throw --> forward dash twice --> mantis style jump mk (unblockable)

Basically you got it right, lol

lol! learn Japanese in Nigeria?! looooolzzz hahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
nah not feaseble, I just want to read a Gen thread in Japanese and the translation aint helping. besides I dont even know decent french, I only speak Igbo (local dialect) and English.

i tested the above unblockable.

it seems to only work on guy and ibuki

So with safe jumps if my jump attack whiffs on them and I get thrown, I’m doing it wrong right? It should be either I force them into block stun, or their “reversal” comes out but I block in time?


also depends on the type of safe jumps… 4 frame, 5 frame, etc… its not really possible to safe jump a 3f shoryu but some chars have some setups…

Yes on the bolded part.

If you are using a setup, the most likely thing is that you’re just in the wrong stance. Some characters wake up slower, and so the setups only work with Crane’s slower jump. A few characters can only be safe jumped in Mantis because Crane’s too slow for their reversal, but you should usually stick to Crane with the forward throw setup unless you’re going for a safe jump OS.

If you’re timing it manually, the most obvious answer would be that you just jumped too early. One other thing you might not think of would be that you jumped at the right time but pressed the attack too early and it whiffed; you may not be used to pressing the attack late enough to hit on the very last frame, and it’s hard with moves that have very few active frames like either j.HK.

What is the most effective stance Safe jump ? Meaning which one works on most of the cast and most of the time? That way I can practice it then worry about character specific stuff later. Thanks.

I never had to use safe jumps or oga cross ups. but I want to make my game even deeper. Playing footsies and being defensive with solid AA’s can only take you so far sometimes.

In before +2 frames recovery on Gen’s forward throw to get rid of unblockables

Crane for the forward throw setup. The most notable characters where you want to use Mantis with that setup are Guile and Yun, though there are a few others.

Right but what is the setup? Example. Forward throw, dash x1, jf.fierce? or Forward, dash x2, nj. fierce? stuff like that what is the most effective sequence of inputs?

I feel the most effective safe jump setup after forward throw is:
Forward Throw -> forward dashx1 -> walk forward for several frames -> whiff mantis st.MP -> Mantis fj.MK

Depending on the number of frames you walked, you may make SRKs and most AAs whiff, may make it a cross-up or a non cross-up, and may make it to be a 4f safe jump setup, etc. Just not against Hakan, DJ, and Blanka.