OK, quick question, VERY easily answered

OK, the other day I was playing as Gief, when a combo worked which I had been under the impression wouldn’t work. As a classic gief player through and through, I feel incredibly embarressed having to ask about this combo. But ok, here it is. Has this worked in all other SF games? Or is this a new combo to cvs2?

s.wk XX PPP lariat.

I find it pretty damn sweet, especially in a groove with run, cause it’s a quick knockdown, and cause it allows you to do all kinds of anti-wake-ups with rolls, dodges, or JDs and the RBG.

Now, i only got to try it against honda and sagat, two large characters. Will it combo on say, a ducking cammy?

Sorry about how utterly noobish this is, I just was under the impression that you couldn’t combo into the PPP.

I think the question can be answered (as well as other questions), by simply knowing that at least since SF2, you’ve been able to buffer normal moves into special moves.

The lighter the normal, the easier it is. And often times, you can’t buffer, say, a Fierce/hp into a hadouken that easy, unless it connects. Of course, this is easiest, if you just press and let of the same button. But your special is easy to do, and yes, I’m pretty sure you could always do that. Although I’m just guessing.

Also, his buffering ability has been toned down since SF2.

Yeah. I just never thought you could combo the lariat before. Maybe i’m just senile.

You’ve been able to combo the lariat from in SF 2, all the way to SSF 2 T at least, so I can’t imagine not being able to do it in this version. Good combo though, and thanks. :slight_smile: .

I have a couple questions:

1]Are there any other combos with lariats for Zangief?
2]What are the easiest ways to do walking 720 supers with him?
-No I don’t mean doing whiffed moves, rolls, dashes, jump-ins, etc… I mean walk up and put em in rotation.

That’s it. Thanks in advance.

walking 720

In the US, it probably isn’t possible to do a walk up 720 just becuase our joysticks (meaning US sticks as opposed to Japanese sticks) are not as responsive. Perhaps you could try holding near the base of the joystick and performing the 720. This shortens the time necessary because you are creating a smaller circle. If you are unclear on what I am saying think about the movement of the joystick for a 360 as cone composed of discs. The circumference of the top disc is much larger than the circumference of the bottom disc therefore your fingers and/or wrist is doing a lot of extra work when you start a 360 with your fingers at the top of the stick.