Ok, serious question:


What’s the best thing to put on a bagel?

I’ve heard honey nut cream cheese as one, sounds pretty good.

Anything else?


Smuckers jelly


Eggs, bacon, sharp cheddar and hot sauce. Bagel sandwich.


keep it simple. strawberry cream cheese.


Can I get a witness in here!?

Strawberry cream cheese…I need my man marcus up in here for this

Marcus: Strawberry cream cheese is the business! points to a can of Philadelphia Strawberry Cream Cheese


Sundried tomato with basil spread


i have a horrible bagel addiction that i’ve been facing for years. i eat probably at least 2 bagels a day.

straight philadelphia cream cheese. that is it. that is the only thing that will ever touch my bagels other than lox.


Haven’t had bagels in quite some time, but I usually went with this.


Depending on the type of bagel, spreadable cheese (Wispride, Helluvagood, etc.).


put a pizza on it


go to the Cooking thread :frowning:


Some cheddar and shreded chicken and a some bacon is good. Avacado, provalon, a slice of tomato, and salmon is good too. Pizza stuffs on a bagel is good as well.

When I was a teenager one of my buddys family owned a little shop called The Bagel Shop. So me and my friends would always hang around there and make crazy bagel sandwiches.


i prefer the reverse. strawberry bagel with regular cream cheese. so good.


strawberry cream cheese

depending on the bagel

otherwise plain

sometimes garden vegetable


Regular cream cheese. Make sure you toast up those bagels first though! You want that crunch.




inb4 “ya mum’s legs cuz dey spred so ez”

One day, I spreadt some cream cheese on a bagel and wrapped it around a spicy kielbasa and ate it like a hot dog. Sometimes I would eat it with Tabasco or hot sauces. It became an occasional thing I ate for breakfast.

You’d think butter would be good on a bagel, but it’s not so great with the spongy texture of the dough. Save dat buttah for your crispy toast and morning coffee.


Everything bagels are good with meats and eggs.

Garlic, salt, egg bagels are good with lox n cream cheese

everything else works with everything. Except for pumpernickel i only find it good with plain cream cheese.


Just cream cheese.
Don’t eat much of them tho.


Big fan of the peanut butter bagel or the salmon and cream cheese bagel.