Ok SERIOUSLY?! How am i winning?!

Ok i just played an endless and i have to know what is going on here. I dont have a main per se, i jump between several characters. My best is probably Rose and T.Hawk. I also dabble with Hakan Juri Seth Cody and Gouken. Now in this endless this guy with a 5k BP ken is wrrecking my rose and hawk. So i say screw it and start choosing characters i never use. Literally if you look at my % of usage they are all 0. So i choose Ken Ryu Sagat Abel, Akuma Rufus, etc. All of whom i have absolutely no experience with.

Then something miraculous happens. I go on an 8 win streak using nothing but characters i never touched since vanilla. Im stunned. I dont get it. It was a 5 man rotation. Keep in mind they are all using their mains here. I cant beat them with my best but i whip out my scrubbiest and i win? Whats the deal here. I did nothing but basic combos if you can even call it that. Considering how none of my combos got over the 4-5 range unless it was an ultra. Is this why im losing with my mains? They aren’t top tier? Im not being sarcastic or anything either, i really wanna know. Are people just more susceptible to top tiers?

I dont like this because i really wanna be good with the other characters, but this is making me wanna just follow the rest and main ryu and the top tiers.

I generally think Shotos are easier to use, dp easily stuffs any moves out there out of priority. Your mains aren’t as balanced as shotos as well in a sense.
I’m not saying that shotos are for the brain dead who only want to win but they don’t have that certain learning curve that the “other” characters have IMO.

I’m used to main Viper in Vanilla and it was hard as hell to win against shotos but it was more fun to use her, now in Super, I’m maining Ibuki and it’s still hard against them but I’m at 4500 BP now with her.

Thats exactly my point. I have a blast using Rose Hawk Seth etc, and i get bored so easy with shotos and the like. But then they always win…now my goal obviously isnt to just win but to get good with the chars i use so i can win consistently. Its just disheartening really.

Maybe your playstyle was weird and you just threw them off their game :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait… he didn’t do mash wake up DPs?!:wow:

You probably have patterns with your mains that your opponents can easily read. Picking fresh characters probably broke you out of the patterns and got you playing on reaction instead.

I main el fuerte who I love to play and I’m fairly reasonable with. I got him a B grade then all of a sudden I played a galaxy of shotos (mostly ryu). Their jump hk has priority over pretty much every move in my arsenal. Now thru frustration I’m losing to the most garbage people. El fuerte… B grade with 4000bp… its sad

Maybe you suck with those other characters?

scrubs think shotos are ‘easy’ because they only play other scrubs itt

haha, same with me but more so with Ken’s j.hk but it’s usually followed up by a sweep or dp after so as long as it isn’t a combo, it isn’t as bad. Most of the time they do nothing by a predictable cross up.


And this.

Honestly, a single 8 game win streak means nothing. Could just as likely be luck.

Eh, shotos ARE much easier than most other characters just because they have so many options. Doesn’t mean it’s a free win though.

Ive had a similar experience, but in vanilla. Cammy is my main, and really my only HARDCORE character that I play. Generally, If I cant beat someone with my Cammy, I cant beat them. There was a particularr occasion where I picked Rufus and beat a pretty good Balrog that was crushing my cammy. My Rufus, in short, sucks. I can do combos, launches, AAs, spacing, dive kicks, but overall sucks. After I beat him I wondered how I was able to do it. The answer? Luck. Matches have to end with someone winning, and we both have a 50/50 chance of winning. I just happened to come out on top this time.

The Moral of the story:You win some, you lose some. Sometimes you win when you expect to lose, and sometimes you lose when you expect to win. There are no magical “omg he doesnt know how to play my scrubby Ken”.

In other cases, people get lazy, tired of winning occasionally, and slack off in their matches. You can tell pretty easily when someone isn’t playing for real. Sometimes, you’re opponent gets so comfortable beating you that he starts throwing you opportunities to win, ones that you’d have to be a fool to pass up. Its called “giving someone the match”.

tl;dr: You got lucky/he gave you the match/you dazzled him with your wits. Take your pick

A few things come to mind. One is like other people said, maybe you’re more predictable with your mains because you have a battle plan. With these random characters you act more randomly and they can’t get a read on you. On the opposite end, maybe you just picked up on their techniques and you could’ve beat them with anyone at that point. Another possibility is that you’re stuck trying to do certain things with your mains, i.e. forever trying to land difficult combos that makes you worse off than if you just took an easier route. Or maybe it was just coincidence, it is possible.


all that means is they are good

Shotos in general are very easy to pick up (possible exception of Akuma due to his extremely low stamina, you have to have very good defense and know all his mixup games to succeed against anybody who isn’t a complete scrub). But like was said above it was probably just lucky.


you suck w/ those characters.

lol its xbox live 98% of people are a joke

You know i can sense the troll in this, but oddly i may have to agree somewhat. Only thing is i always though i sucked with shotos more being as i could never win with them before. After the 8 win streak i lost then won another 10 in the next rotation. Im gonna have to choose some shotos in a single sitting and see what happens then. Maybe ill try ranked too to see if theres a difference.

Having effective tools and strategies = easy mode, according to this thread.

Shotos are not easy mode, they aren’t easier to use than anyone else. You’re all just bad.