Ok, seriously?


Almost every topic I’ve started on this site, some moderator has come along and closed it with little next to no justification. Example:

I just made a thread about the Mega Man announcement in Street Fighter x Tekken, explaining my distaste with the situation and asking others to share what they felt about it as well. I’m assuming it was closed because I posted it in the UMVC forums(I wouldn’t know, the mods on here are either too “busy” or retarded to explain), but I posted it in there because I wanted to hear the reactions of the fans from MvC. And it’s an issue related to that game because Mega Man was the most requested Capcom character for MvC and they still made the brilliant descicon to leave him out.

Are the mods just a bunch of trolls who can romp around doing whatever the fuck they want on here or is there actually some secret I’m missing?

(P.S., I re-posted it in here in case for whatever “reason” they decide to close it in the UMVC forums.)


You missed the correct forum again, dumbass: This is GD. If you want to talk about Mega Man in SFxT, talk about it there.


OP is on some worse than pathetic shit right now.


I still don’t see why people are faulting Capcom for having a sense of humor


megaman sucks ass


Posting in the wrong subforum tends to get your posts either locked or moved ( incidentally, a topic like this would probably belong in the Site Feedback forum, not GD ).

Nevermind that even beyond that, creating your own thread when there’s already an SFxT megaman thread, a SFxT ranting thread, an SFxT General Discussion thread, and … if you insisted on talking about it in the MvC3 forum, an MvC3 General Discussion thread is generally considered bad.




Sums up the whole “Megaman issue” well, don’t you think?


lol, why do the new members feel as if SRK owes them all the convenience in the world? all of these noobs mouth off like it’s their god-given right to rant/rave whenever and wherever they feel like, posting random shit opinions/topics expecting everybody else to start posting. it’s not as if the topic was gdlk warranting substantial replies so yeah, there is some secret that you are missing.



This is a serious competitive fighting game community, we’re all “tourneyfags” here, I don’t think as many people here give a shit about Megaman not being in UMVC3 as they would on whatever other gaming forums you visit. Maybe you should go back to those ones?


what is the fuckin deal with megaman fans?


your topic here will be closed as well

you might as well save yourself the trouble and stop posting, because you’re obviously not doing it right, you don’t get it, so save yourself the trouble and get an account somewhere else


hairy ass


Ono likes trolling the fans, he does it well.


SFxT is the most trolltastic game to hit the fighting game community thus far!!!

Look at all the bitching and moaning this game has caused around here…and it’s not even out yet.
Even allowing console exclusive characters in tournaments is being argued.

I turn my monocle clockwise to you, Mr. Ono…

There are no tourneyfags in GD…stay in your lane.




gamefaqs is thatta way ----->


Lurk moar.