Ok, so how do you deal with Makoto?

So how do you fight a good Makoto?

I’ve come to realize you can’t make any mistakes against good Makotos. One mistake costs you more than half a stun bar. Two mistakes costs you the round.

Her air-game always stuffs me and her ground game, she always catches me with her command grab.

Were you the dude I fought earlier today on Kaillera?

You gotta learn to jump out of the karakusa setups (after a hayate or a tick)
You also need to work on your offense. Knock Makoto down and fuck her up from there, just learn Ibuki’s mixups. Makoto does not have a lot of good defensive options.

Also I know this is the Ibuki forum, but for your Ken, use more hit confirms. crouching LK x 2, if it hits, do shippu, if its blocked, dashup throw or crouching MK -> ex hadoken.

MP HP, if it hits, shippu (or shoryu) and if it’s blocked…do something, I dunno lol.

Also, stop the psychic shoryus, replace those with down parries.
And if she’s fucking up your air game, air-to-air parry her shit then hit her.

And if you aren’t the guy I played today…:rofl:

isnt there a thread for this already?