Ok, so I learned this a little late... But really?

The article is old by now but I read sirlin’s editorial on the sf4 series.
So crouching chain moves are links? As In I basically need to renda and/or plink them? I don’t play sf4 series a lot, I just pay vs other people when I can. I’ve done chun crouching chains into ex legs and whatnot before and it doesn’t seem like a link, it feels like SF alpha chain canceling. IS it that to do a second c short (for any character) you have to delay the timing so you can link it or what? I can do it but I don’t really get how it works.

You need to link the attack you need to cancel because If you chain them you lose the ability to cancel them.

For example. LP LP LP xx Special - You can chain the first two LPs, but if you want to cancel the third you need to link it.

you cannot cancel a chained normal into special
your chained shorts into EX legs is actually just an easy link

one of ken’s beginner combos is low short, low jab, shoryuken
you can either chain short-jab then link shoryuken
or you can link short, jab, then cancel jab into shoryuken

Chun’s cancel into legs is an exception to the “no special/super cancel after chain” rule (their might be more exceptions). For some reason, you can cancel a chained cr.lk into EX legs. This brought about speculation that was a renda-cancel of sorts, but the reality seems to be that it was just made to work by the designers.

gens hands are the same as well

Because chun’s c.lk ain’t chains, they are target combos or some shit. I read about that somewhere

Another exception: Evil Ryu can chain into stand short, then cancel it. Not that that’s great, just sayin’.

Shouldn’t be complicated,

I just consider combos that require timing to be links where you insert them one at a time
I consider chains to be something you can press in a row without timing it

Most likely it’s because Chun’s legs and Gen/Honda hands are both ‘mash’ moves.

In order to have them come out in any kind of decent time, they made it so they can cancel any normal. Same deal with Raging Demon, allowing the ‘kara-demon’ by canceling :f:+:mp: before it can hit.

I’ll need to basically (almost) renda cancel link in a modern game.
so cshortx2 xx ken tatsu would be short, short, and like, what, qcb mk~lk? (plink) or do i literally have to renda it?

I think this is a bit stupid.

EDIT: I learned that I would have to link into the last short or jab. still kinda dumb. What’s with all of this… (well what i consider unnecessary) execution related mess? It doesn’t really help much. Why would it be so needed to put such a barrier in?

That’s not a very good combo. I don’t even think you can link the short into short anyway. With Ken you basically either wanna go for cr.lk cr.lp SRK, cr.lp cr.hp EX Tatsu, or cr.lk cr.lp st.lp cr.mk EX Tatsu

I suggest paying attention to what the thread is actually about. Also in sf4 you have to link into the final weak move in the hit confirm chain; otherwise, it won’t work. In addition, this isn’t “plox critique my combos that i doz intrainingmodez”; rather, this is “sf4 has a really stupid link system that this 3s/st player will have to learn his way around, so please help me with that”. If I wanted to learn random combos, then I could just look for them in matches on yt, or in a combo thread.

If this game does not allow a couple of shorts into a shoryu or whatever… ew.

That really pissed me off at first, too. If someone just casually jump in and think he could use simple jab chains to make combos, he can forget it, and thats a very big shame.

I come from 3rd Strike too and I really hate it, but its not too hard to get them right with most characters that can use it.

it’s necessary in sf4 because there is very little push back from chains. it would give you all day to hit confirm from chains into whatever you want. you can connect like 5 shorts in this game and like 2 in 3S before your pushed far enough back.

This isn’t exactly new info dude…

The example you gave was poor. Shotos (especially Ken) aren’t really disadvantaged by chain cancel limitation because they have relatively easy links. A legit example would be Rose’s jabs into drill. It makes more sense to discuss things that actually have practical applications rather than just choosing arbitrary situations out of nowhere.

But w/e. This has already been discussed dozens of times since the game’s release. In case you haven’t realized this by now, SFIV is a link-heavy game with a different approach to the close-up battle. You can’t apply a 3S or Alpha mindset to this game.